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ZEEBU Monthly Recap - January 2024



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February 8, 2024

ZEEBU Monthly Recap - January 2024

The new year has barely begun, and we’re already making waves. Since its launch in the latter half of 2023, Zeebu has been on a roll, hitting milestone after milestone. This past month has been no different, with several significant developments that have us all buzzing. From technological advancements to platform adoption and a growing community, Zeebu is creating ripples of excitement. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the key highlights:

Ecosystem Updates

The Zeebu ecosystem has seen remarkable growth and development over the past month.

Alpha Trials: A Roaring Success

We recently announced the successful completion of Zeebu’s alpha trials. These trials saw participation from over 80 telecom businesses across the globe, processing over half a billion in telecom settlements. The milestone moved Zeebu a step closer to its mission of delivering a seamless and instant settlement experience.

Continuous Growth: Onwards and Upwards

The journey of Zeebu is nothing short of extraordinary. Crossing the $500 million mark was a small yet incredibly special moment in our journey. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve been achieving new feats at breakneck speed. By the end of January 2024, Zeebu had already crossed $700 million in transaction settlement volume. Given the current rate of progress, we are on track to reach a remarkable benchmark of $1 billion by the conclusion of the first quarter of 2024.

As per the data from Zeebu Dashboard, our settlement platform has successfully processed over 8740 invoices, handling a transaction volume of $782M+.

New Addition to Zeebu’s Advisory Board

We're thrilled to share another exciting development at Zeebu. Jerry DeMartino, Competitive Telecoms Group Inc.'s CEO, and Former GBET Member Mark Hatam has joined Zeebu's Advisory Board. Jerry, known for his extensive experience and industry knowledge, is a valuable addition to our team. Mark Hatam, with a focus on incorporating advanced technologies, has been instrumental in transforming telecom and fintech solutions. Their comprehensive telecom industry knowledge positions them uniquely to guide Zeebu on its path to success.    

Dev Updates

We’re excited to start the year with a significant achievement—the launch of Zeebu PSP version 4.0.1. This milestone marks a substantial advancement for our platform and lays the foundation for future developments.

We're making considerable progress with the infrastructure for enhanced user engagement, experience, and user governance. The journey ahead is promising! 🚀  

In addition to introducing governance features, we’ve integrated NFTs into our platform. However, that’s not all — we’ve made several other significant developments to enhance our services and user experience. Let’s explore them:

  • Seamless integration with MetaMask wallet, enabling effortless participation in governance activities.
  • The introduction of tier selection during onboarding provides users with more flexibility.
  • The implementation of a Referral ID system, allowing for personalized referral codes.
  • A revamp of the loyalty reward system, offering more comprehensive rewards.
  • User experience enhancements, including fortified security measures and dynamic UI elements.

As we make incremental progress towards amping up our development processes, stay connected to receive the latest updates on our official community.  

Education and Awareness

At Zeebu, we believe in fostering a sense of community for all our stakeholders. We are creating content to inform our community about our latest developments and the broader telecom industry.  

2023 Recap

We’ve also published a comprehensive review of Zeebu’s journey in 2023, highlighting our achievements and the transformative steps we’ve taken in the past year. Read more [Here]

Zeebu Insights

We’ve curated a Q&A series for our community, highlighting Zeebu’s innovative journey in the telecom carrier sector. Read more in [Part III] and [Part IV] of the series.

Web3 For Enterprises Explained

Our blog post explores the role of blockchain and Web3 in business transformation, focusing on Zeebu’s contributions. Learn more [here].

Tokenization of Loyalty

We’ve published a blog post on how our $ZBU token revolutionizes loyalty programs. Discover more [here].

Events and AMA's

Zeebu actively engages with the community through various events and AMA sessions where we share updates, answer queries, and interact with our users and community.

X Spaces Session with Gems Club

This month, our Founder and CEO, Raj, had an engaging X Spaces session with Gems Club. The session offered valuable insights about Zeebu’s Web3 Neobank for Telecoms. It was an incredible opportunity for the community to interact and learn more about our initiatives.  

Zeebu at Capacity Middle East 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that Zeebu will be a Platinum Sponsor at the “Capacity Middle East 2024”, a key event for the telecom carrier industry. Our team is excited to unveil our groundbreaking solutions and connect with industry leaders and telecom businesses.

Exclusive Drinks and Dinner Party

During the "Capacity Middle East 2024" week, we're hosting an exclusive drinks, dinner, and networking event on 7th Feb at Treehouse, Taj Dubai. We want to foster stronger relationships within the telecom community and provide an opportunity to connect with telecom businesses and industry peers in a relaxed setting.  

And…... That's a wrap for January 2024!

On the Horizon

As we progress, we are thrilled about the forthcoming events and initiatives. Here's a glimpse of what's on the horizon:  

  • Next Stop, ETH Denver: We are excited to participate in this dynamic and innovative event. Keep an eye out for our updates.  
  • Capacity: The Capacity Middle East 2024 event, including our side event, is in progress. We eagerly anticipate sharing the highlights and our notable accomplishments.  
  • Innovation Unveiling: Our development team is working on something that will delight your eyes. We can't share the specifics yet, but rest assured, it's something worth waiting for!  
  • Telecoms Series: We are set to launch a new content series that explores the telecoms industry and offers expert insights.  
  • DeFi Series: We are also starting a series on decentralized finance (DeFi) to simplify this intricate domain and make it accessible to all.

We are enthusiastic about these developments and (we hope you are too). Stay tuned for the updates and thank you for being a part of our journey!

💙 Thank you for reading!