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Part IV: Explore Zeebu through an Exciting and insightful Q&A, Curated for the Community!



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January 12, 2024

Dive Deeper into Zeebu: Comprehensive Q&A Part IV

Welcome back to our insightful Q&A series. As 2024 begins, team Zeebu is marching strong with renewed motivation and great enthusiasm about revolutionizing the telecom space with faster, more secure, and decentralized B2B settlements.  

Setting forward for greater feats, here we share an in-depth understanding of Zeebu’s vision, mission, and how it is redefining the way telecom settlements are processed globally. This blog promises to offer deeper insights into the innovative strides Zeebu has made, underscoring its transformative impact on telecom transactions.  

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What vision inspired the Zeebu team to bring Blockchain into Telecom?

The vision that backed Zeebu's approach toward integrating blockchain technology into telecom is rooted in addressing the inherent challenges of the telecom industry's current payment processes.  

Telecom, as a crucial pillar of global connectivity, has continually evolved, yet its financial operations lag behind, facing issues like different regulations of countries, currency conversion complexities, security risks, and so on. This is where Zeebu steps in.  

Recognizing the need for solutions tailored to the unique demands of telecom carriers, Zeebu leverages blockchain to offer its custom-built payment gateway that processes B2B invoices in 3-7 minutes. By focusing on these tailored solutions, Zeebu aims to streamline carriers’ daily operations, enhance security, and ensure efficient transactions. This approach not only addresses the current inefficiencies but also aligns with the evolving nature of global enterprise needs, placing Zeebu at the forefront of a financial revolution in the telecom carrier sector.

Why does Zeebu oppose the inclusion of intermediaries in Telecom Transactions?

Zeebu's stance on eliminating intermediaries in telecom transactions is fundamentally about streamlining and securing P2P financial interactions within the global telecom carriers network. Traditionally, the telecom industry relied on intermediaries like banks to manage the complexities of cross-border transactions, placing their “trust” in these institutions. While these intermediaries were essential in navigating diverse currencies and regulations, their involvement introduced inefficiencies, additional costs, and potential for errors in transactions.  

Zeebu identifies these drawbacks as significant blockages to fluidity and transparency in settlements. By adopting blockchain in telecom settlement processes, Zeebu eliminates the need for these intermediaries, offering a more decentralized, transparent, and immutable solution.  

This shift not only ensures efficiency and reduces transactional errors but also fosters inherent trust by maintaining a clear and verifiable transactional record. In doing so, Zeebu is not just providing an alternative to the TradFi system but also reshaping the trust dynamics within the telecom carrier industry, aligning with modern demands for transparency and efficiency.

Where can an average user get stats and insights into Zeebu’s invoice settlements?

For those interested in the details of Zeebu's invoice settlements, the statistics and insights are readily accessible and transparent on Zeebu Dashboard. Users can delve into the specifics of our on-chain settlement platform, which is revolutionizing the telecom payment landscape, through the dedicated dashboard.  

This dashboard showcases our significant progress since January 2023, including the onboarded partners and the number of increasing successful settlements. To explore these insights and track Zeebu's ongoing progress, users can visit our informative and user-friendly dashboard and learn more.  

How has 2023 helped Zeebu in its mission to revolutionize Telecom Transactions?

Reflecting on our 2023 accomplishments, it's evident that it has been an incredible year for Zeebu, marking a period of significant advancements and growth in revolutionizing telecom transactions. This year, Zeebu has emerged as a leader in introducing a unique use case of blockchain by integrating it for telecom settlements to move beyond traditional financial practices and bottlenecks. Our achievements this year are not just a testament to our growth but signify a surge in innovation, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. These collective efforts have played a crucial role in reshaping the telecom carrier industry.

Learn more about Zeebu’s 2023 accomplishments from our leadership team here: Zeebu 2023 Rewind.

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