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The on-chain settlement layer for the telecom carrier industry

Empowering telecom businesses with trustless, transparent, and instant global transactions for accelerated growth and enhanced value.

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The global telecom carrier business connects our global world

Telecom Carriers are the backbone of large telecom service providers, enabling seamless global connectivity, network expansion, enhanced service quality & user experience.

Built to empower Telecom Carriers

The Zbu Loyalty Token

Zeebu is transforming the telecom carrier industry, boosting efficiencies through instant global transactions.

Expensive Traditional Banking Channels and Intermediaries

The Zbu token eliminates the need for conventional and expensive traditional banking channels and intermediaries

Empowering Growth

Increased security, decentralized control, and improved efficiency drive economic growth and create new opportunities for businesses in emerging markets.

Faster Transactions

Zbu tokens streamline transactions between telecom carriers, reducing disputes and disruptions.

Any Day, Any Time Settlements

Zeebu enables 24x7 Carrier Business by accepting instant payment.​

The Zeebu Loyalty Token

A tailor-made powerful consumptive token, designed to solve problems and meet the specific needs of the industry.

Simplifying B2B Settlements

Our custom-built on-chain platform is designed to revolutionize B2B settlements by addressing industry challenges and meeting the needs of the industry.

Growing Zeebu Ecosystem

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Dubai Fintech Summit visitors, come say hello at booth B23.