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Zeebu 2023 Rewind: A Year of Breakthrough Innovations in Telecom and Web3



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January 2, 2024

Zeebu's Year in Review: 2023

First and foremost, we at Zeebu would like to express our deepest wishes for a prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones.  

As 2023 comes to an end, Zeebu stands at the forefront of an incredible year, defined by great achievements and pioneering strides in the world of telecom with its innovative Web3 Neobank. Zeebu's commitment to pioneering change in telecom transactions is setting new benchmarks in the integration of blockchain into different business sectors suffering from traditional finance practices. Far more than just a phase of growth, this year for Zeebu is characterized by a surge of innovation, valuable partnerships, and a robust community engagement that has collectively redefined the landscape of the telecom carrier industry.  

Our Journey Reflected in Numbers

  • Successfully processed 6153+ invoices, showcasing a robust transaction volume of over $512+ million. (Note: These numbers are subject to update/grow based on real-time data)
  • Welcomed 320+ telecom carriers into our network, marking a significant expansion in our global influence.
  • Cultivated a vibrant and dynamic community, now reaching over 100,000 members across all the platforms, a clear indication of our growing impact and reach.
  • Achieved a milestone in funding with $25 Million raised in our presale, highlighting the market's confidence and enthusiasm for our vision.

Learn from our Leaders

Tune in to our latest Community Connect session, where our leadership team takes to the stage for the Zeebu 2023 Rewind. Watch now!

Major Updates

Whitepaper Release

Zeebu unveiled its comprehensive Whitepaper, detailing its innovative approach and vision for revolutionizing telecom transactions leveraging blockchain technology. The release marked a significant step in our journey, laying out the roadmap for our blockchain-based solutions for the telecom carrier sector. Read the Whitepaper now.

Launch of the ZBU Loyalty Token

2023 saw the unveiling of the world's first loyalty token specifically designed for the Telecom Carrier Industry. The $ZBU token, live on the Ethereum mainnet and Binance Smart Chain, has been instrumental in facilitating seamless global transactions, ensuring faster settlements, and improving margins for telecom carriers and operators. This groundbreaking development has positioned Zeebu as a leader in blockchain-based settlements, with a significant impact on blockchain adoption in telecom, transaction transparency, and operational efficiency. Read more.  

Strategic Partnerships

Zeebu announced key partnerships with telecom industry leaders like BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Slovenia’s Novatel. These partnerships have been pivotal in developing B2B channels and expanding Zeebu’s reach and influence in the global telecom market. Read more.

Surpassing $500 Million in Settlement Volume

Zeebu achieved a milestone by crossing $500 million in settlement volume, with over 6000+ invoices settled. This achievement showcased the platform’s growing adoption in the space as it makes telecom settlements a breeze compared to the traditional payment processes. Zeebu's all-in-one blockchain platform is not just facilitating transactions but revolutionizing the entire telecom settlement process, offering a unified, frictionless, and instant global transaction experience with the $ZBU Token. Learn more at  

Anthony DeMartino Joins Zeebu Advisory Board

Anthony DeMartino, former CEO and Head of Coinbase Risk Strategies, joined the Zeebu Advisory Board, marking a significant stride in our strategic growth. Anthony's expertise in DeFi and derivatives trading is instrumental in augmenting our team, attracting industry experts, and fostering collaborations with reputable financial institutions. Learn more.

$ZBU Listings

The year marked a significant expansion for Zeebu with the listing of $ZBU on, one of the leading crypto exchanges. This listing has extended Zeebu’s reach, allowing a broader audience to access and trade $ZBU, enhancing its visibility and credibility in the Web3 space. Check here.  


This listing introduced the $ZBU token to MEXC's 10+ Million global community. Check here.


Zeebu proudly announced the listing of $ZBU on LBank Exchange, marking another stride in Zeebu's journey towards greater accessibility and exposure in the global crypto market. Check here.


The listing of $ZBU on BitMart, a renowned crypto exchange, opened up new avenues for our global community to engage with $ZBU, further solidifying its position in the industry. Check here.


BitForex listed $ZBU, making $ZBU available to its 6+ Million global user base, offering additional liquidity and trading opportunities. Check here.


A significant milestone for Zeebu was the inclusion of $ZBU on CoinGecko. This listing on one of the largest crypto ranking and asset tracking platforms has provided greater transparency and information accessibility for $ZBU. Check here.


Renowned asset tracking site, CoinMarketCap listed Zeebu, allowing greater platform insights to our community. Check here.  


Dubai Fintech Summit Participation

Zeebu made a significant impact at the Dubai Fintech Summit, showcasing its innovative platform that drastically reduces global settlement times from days to mere minutes. This event was pivotal for Zeebu, where CEO Raj Brahmbhatt shared insights on how the $ZBU token is transforming the efficiency of transactions in the telecom sector. Learn more.  

Zeebu Private Party in Dubai

Zeebu hosted an exclusive private gathering in Dubai, marking a milestone in community engagement. The event was aimed at building community, fostering networking, and bringing together the brightest minds in Web3 for insightful discussions on the applications of Web3 technologies in transforming the future of telecom settlements. Learn more.

International Telecoms Week

At ITW2023, Zeebu's founders, Raj Brahmbhatt and Keshav Pandya, connected with the current and future leaders in the telecom industry. This event offered an invaluable platform for networking and building relationships that are essential for Zeebu's growth and continued adoption in the sector. Learn more.

Global Blockchain Congress Participation

At the Global Blockchain Congress, Zeebu immersed itself in discussions with industry pioneers. Our CMO and Co-Founder, Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, delivered a keynote speech where he highlighted the transformative impact of blockchain in the telecom carrier industry, positioning Zeebu at the forefront of this technological revolution. Learn more.

Official Sponsor of TOKEN2049

As the official sponsor at TOKEN2049, Zeebu took center stage, highlighting its mission to revolutionize B2B invoice settlements in the telecom industry through blockchain technology. Zeebu's presence and sponsorship at the closing ceremony further established its role as a leading innovator in the Web3 arena. Learn more.

Exclusive Yacht Party at Token2049  

The Zeebu Yacht Party, held alongside TOKEN2049, was a remarkable and memorable event that stood out for its unique blend of leisure and professional networking. Attracting over 1,000+ registrations, the event was more than just a social gathering. It was a melting pot of ideas and collaborations, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and investors from the Web3 and blockchain sectors. Learn more.

Gold Sponsor at the Wholesale World Congress in Madrid

As the Gold Sponsor at the Wholesale World Congress in Madrid, Zeebu demonstrated its leadership in telecom innovation. The Congress, a convergence of telecom titans, was an ideal stage for Zeebu to showcase its revolutionary on-chain settlement layer for the telecom carrier industry. Learn more.

Money 20/20 in Las Vegas

At Money 20/20 USA, Zeebu unveiled its pioneering vision for the future of telecom transactions. This event was a prime opportunity for Zeebu to engage with experts and enthusiasts, sharing insights on how blockchain technology is reshaping telecom settlements. Learn more.

Platinum Sponsor at World Blockchain Summit, Dubai

At the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Zeebu made an impact as a Platinum Sponsor, spotlighting its innovative Web3 Neobank solutions for telecoms. Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, Co-founder and CMO, delivered a keynote speech, aligning Zeebu with the latest industry trends and innovations in Web3. Learn more.

Keynote Theatre Sponsorship at Australian Crypto Convention 2023

Zeebu's significant presence at the Australian Crypto Convention 2023 highlighted its commitment to blockchain innovation. As a Keynote Theater Sponsor, Zeebu shared its vision for a future with instantaneous, efficient, and transparent telecom transactions. Learn more.

Community Meet-ups in Melbourne and Brisbane

Zeebu's community meet-ups in Melbourne and Brisbane were vibrant gatherings, showcasing the strength and enthusiasm of our community. These events were not just meet-ups; they were incubators for ideas, collaboration, and a shared passion for the future of Web3, blockchain, and telecom.


Bloomberg Spotlights Zeebu's Platinum Sponsorship at WBS Dubai 2023

Bloomberg featured Zeebu's significant role as a Platinum Sponsor for the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai. Read more.

Yahoo Finance Highlights Zeebu's Role at TOKEN2049

Yahoo Finance showcased Zeebu's participation in TOKEN2049, emphasizing its mission to transform B2B invoice settlements in the telecom sector using blockchain technology. The feature provided insights into Zeebu's vision for modernizing telecom carriers’ transactions and invited the community to engage with Zeebu's leaders at this premier Web3 conference. Read more. Coverage of Zeebu's $25 Million Fundraise

Zeebu's impressive $25 million presale funding round was highlighted on This funding round led by Bankai Ventures, underscored the industry's trust in Zeebu's innovative on-chain invoice settlement platform. The coverage detailed Zeebu's pioneering efforts, its $ZBU Loyalty Token, and its partnerships with leading telecom providers. Read more.

Bitcoin World on Zeebu’s Exclusive Yacht Party

Bitcoin World covered Zeebu’s exclusive yacht party during Token2049 in Singapore. The article highlighted the event's focus on networking and exploring Web3's potential in enhancing B2B settlements. It provided an inside look into Zeebu's leading role in on-chain invoice settlements for telecom, along with the highlights of their exclusive yacht party. Read more.

AMAs, Interviews & Keynote Talks

This year, Zeebu actively engaged with the global community through an extensive series of over 20 AMA's, interviews, and keynote talks, showcasing its leadership and expertise in the Web3 and telecom sectors.  

These interactive sessions provided the community with valuable insights into Zeebu's vision, strategies, and technological advancements, further cementing its position as a thought leader in the industry. Zeebu's leadership team shared their perspectives on blockchain's impact on telecom settlements, discussed upcoming innovations, and fielded questions from a diverse and curious audience.  

These engagements not only enhanced Zeebu's visibility in the tech community but also deepened the understanding and appreciation of its innovation in the fields of telecom and Web3.  

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Zeebu Founder & CEO, Raj Brahmbhatt’s Keynote Speeches and Media Appearances

Zeebu Co-Founder & CMO, Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi’s Keynote Speeches

Zeebu Co-Founder & COO, Keshav Pandya’s Community Interactions

As we step into 2024, Zeebu continues to be at the forefront of revolutionizing telecom transactions with blockchain technology. Our journey is fueled by a year filled with groundbreaking achievements and innovations, setting the stage for an exciting future in the telecom industry.

We are just getting started!