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Zeebu Blazes Trails at AWC 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Telecom



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April 3, 2024

Recap of Zeebu’s Participation at Americas Wholesale Congress 2024

Zeebu, the bespoke Web3.0 Neobank for the telecom carriers rocked the boat with its presence at the Americas Wholesale Congress 2024 held on 20th March and 21st March 2024 at Hotel Colonnade, Miami, FL, USA

Zeebu was proud to be a gold sponsor at the biggest event for the Latin American telecom community and was thrilled to play an instrumental role in shaping the future of wholesale telecom in that region.  

For over a decade, the Americas Wholesale Congress (AWC) has been a breeding ground for ideas and innovation. It brings together Tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers, mobile and wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers, and technology partners from the voice, SMS, data, satellite, sub-sea, and fixed-line markets operating in the Americas and the Caribbean.  

In AWC 2024, Zeebu highlighted how its state-of-the-art blockchain platform and loyalty token can help Latin American telecom businesses transact globally by eliminating settlement barriers.  

AWC 2024: Zeebu Connects with the Americas Wholesale Telecom Community

Zeebu’s presence at the event not only enabled telecom carriers of Latin America to explore the future of telecom payments but also gave them an opportunity to play a pivotal role in transforming the wholesale telecommunications industry. 

Zeebu’s innovative blockchain platform is designed specifically for carriers and tackles slow and nontransparent settlements, the industry’s long-standing pain point.  

It is also committed to being a trusted partner for Latin American telecom businesses, offering interactive demos and expert consultations to address their specific needs in invoicing, payments, and beyond.

Zeebu Taking Centre Stage: Raj Brahmbhatt Expressed Excitement

According to Raj Brahmbhatt, CEO and Founder, Zeebu aims to share its vision for leveraging blockchain technology to revolutionize the telecom carrier industry. He further emphasized the importance of Latin America as a key market. The congress presented a valuable platform to connect with industry leaders and explore how Zeebu's solutions can empower businesses in the region, he added.

Zeebu Bridging the Gap to Blockchain Banking for Emerging Economies

Zeebu tackles the inefficiencies of traditional banking in the Latin American region, like slow settlements and high forex fees, through blockchain technology. Zeebu has the potential to empower emerging economies globally by streamlining financial processes, promoting blockchain adoption, and fostering inclusion in the global financial system. Zeebu is more than a fintech company – It is striving to create a more efficient and inclusive financial future for the telecom carriers.  

Leaders Convene at Zeebu Connect: Exploring Blockchain's Impact on Telecom

Zeebu hosted an exclusive networking event, Zeebu Connect, for telecom and connectivity leaders on March 20th in the Tea Room in Brickell Plaza, Miami.

The event offered telecom carriers to partake in insightful discussions about the future of telecom settlements, Web3, and blockchain in an intimate and relaxed setup. They also got a chance to delve into disruptive trends and discover how Zeebu's innovative solutions can benefit their business and propel the industry forward.

Way Forward

The Zeebu team was thrilled and honored to be a part of the AWC  2024 where we connected with a passionate community of attendees, sponsors, and speakers.  

The future of telecom carriers is bright, and Zeebu is pumped to play a major role in shaping it.  

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