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Zeebu Proudly Serves as a Gold Sponsor at the Americas Wholesale Congress 2024



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March 14, 2024

Zeebu Unveiling the Future of Telecom Settlements at AWC 2024

Zeebu is proud to be an official gold sponsor of the Americas Wholesale Congress 2024 (AWC).  

Taking place at the Hotel Colonnade Coral Gables, Miami, USA, on 20 March and 21 March 2024, the event welcomes 350 attendees, 170 companies from 43 countries, over the course of two days.  

For over a decade, the Americas Wholesale Congress (AWC) has been a space for the Americas & Caribbean telecoms wholesale community to converge and shape the future of wholesale telecom. The event brings together Tier 1, 2, and 3 carriers, mobile and wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers, and technology partners from the voice, SMS, data, satellite, sub-sea, and fixed-line markets.  

At the Americas Wholesale Congress 2024 (AWC), Zeebu will showcase its cutting-edge solutions to streamline telecom settlements. This participation underscores Zeebu's commitment to fostering seamless global trade by eliminating settlement barriers for Americas and Caribbean carriers and businesses.  

Addressing Critical Industry Needs  

In today's telecom landscape, agility and clear financial visibility are crucial. Zeebu's innovative blockchain platform, designed specifically for carriers, addresses these critical needs head-on. The platform tackles the industry's longstanding challenges of slow, opaque settlements by offering a streamlined solution for voice traffic exchange.  

Zeebu is redefining the landscape of telecom settlements, promoting operational efficiency, and establishing a foundation of trust within the industry. The Americas represents a dynamic market for wholesale telecommunications, but traditional payment and settlement processes can hinder growth. Zeebu is committed to being a trusted partner for telecom businesses in the region by streamlining these processes.  

Zeebu Delivers:  

  • Instant Settlements: Transactions are completed in mere minutes, significantly improving cash flow and eliminating the delays associated with traditional methods.  
  • Enhanced Transparency: Blockchain technology underpins Zeebu, ensuring every transaction is verifiable and immutable, fostering trust and confidence among all participants within the ecosystem.  
  • ZBU Token Rewards: Zeebu incentivizes active participation through its unique loyalty program, rewarding every transaction conducted within the platform.  

Zeebu Booth  

Enjoy interactive demos and chat with us about the future of telecom settlements!  

At Booth #9, our team of experts will engage with Latin American telecom carriers, industry leaders, operators, and prospective clientele, offering insights and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the American region. From invoicing to payments and beyond, Zeebu is committed to driving innovation and excellence in telecom's finance layer.  

Don't miss a chance to explore and experience cutting-edge technology designed to revolutionize the wholesale telecommunications industry.    

Attending AWC 2024? Schedule a meeting with Zeebu here.  

Visit Zeebu's website to learn more about our solutions and follow us on social media to stay on the pulse of our activities at AWC 2024 and beyond!  


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