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Meet the Team: Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO & Founder at Zeebu!



DAte :

September 8, 2023

Introducing Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO & Founder of Zeebu

Dive into the world of Zeebu and meet the driving force behind it, Raj Brahmbhatt, our esteemed CEO & Founder. A successful financial executive, Raj has a passion for unique Traditional Finance (TradFi) and innovative technologies.

Raj's experience isn't just limited to finance; he shares a deep interest in Asset tokenization and the transformative potential of DeFi solutions. He channeled his vast knowledge in securities, investments, and technologies to become an expert in financial analysis, process improvement, and venture capital. Raj has a keen interest in finding solutions for intricate business challenges.

Before conceptualizing Zeebu, Raj served in multiple roles in notable financial, technological, and investment firms. It was here that his profound understanding of TradFi and a growing passion for DeFi and Web3 merged.  

Recognizing the biggest challenges of the telecom carrier industry, Raj envisioned Zeebu harnessing the power of blockchain technology. Outside the hustle of the business world, Raj's pursuits are broad – from chess to astronomy and more.  

Drawing from his rich cross-cultural experiences between India, the US, and his global travels, Raj Brahmbhatt seamlessly bridges traditional finance with disruptive financial technologies, embodying the global spirit of today's finance world.