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Zeebu to Host an Exclusive Event, Zeebu Connect, During America's Wholesale Congress in Miami



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March 20, 2024

Zeebu Connect: An Exclusive Telecom Event During AWC 2024 in Miami

Zeebu is excited to announce the hosting of "Zeebu Connect," an exclusive event for leaders in the telecom and connectivity sphere, on March 20th in Miami.

The event will take place from 8 PM onwards and coincides with the first day of the premier telecom event, the Americas Wholesale Congress, of which Zeebu is a Gold Sponsor. This exclusive gathering is set to focus on the future of telecom settlements and payments, Web3, and blockchain and how these technologies are transforming industries like telecom.

Why Attend Zeebu Connect?

Zeebu invites event attendees and telecom leaders to join us on March 20th at the Tea Room in Brickell Plaza, Miami, for an intimate evening of insightful dialogue, exquisite drinks, and a delectable dinner. This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to:  

  • Connect with industry leaders and CXOs: Network with your peers, share valuable insights, and forge potential collaborations in a relaxed, open environment.  

  • Dive Deep into Disruptive Trends: Explore how Web3, blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies revolutionize telecom.  

  • Unlock the Potential of Zeebu: Discover how Zeebu's innovative solutions are poised to address the industry's most pressing challenges and propel it towards a brighter future.  

Telecom's Transformation: A Night of Insight and Innovation

The telecom industry stands at the precipice of transformation. While connectivity remains paramount, how finances, payments, and settlements flow between operators, carriers, and service providers remains tethered to outdated methods. Traditional systems are sluggish, inefficient, and prone to errors, hindering growth, expansion, and resource allocation, resulting in revenue leakage.

Zeebu Connect will catalyze thought-provoking discussions about the ground realities of telecom's settlement process and the future of telecom, specifically focusing on the finance layer and how Zeebu's blockchain-powered infrastructure paves the way for a more streamlined and transparent future. The attendees will gain firsthand insights into Zeebu's innovative infrastructure, designed to support the evolving financial landscape of telecom. Zeebu's founders will be present, sharing their vision and expertise.

We're excited to bring together industry leading CXOs and our very own leaders for an insightful night of networking, discussions and fun. Zeebu Connect is a great opportunity for attendees to engage with the latest developments in space and connect with industry experts.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to connect with industry leaders and explore the future of telecom at Zeebu Connect.

Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for exciting updates and sneak peeks of Zeebu at AWC 2024 in the coming days. To learn more about Zeebu and connect with us, check out our website or hit us up on our socials.