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Zeebu September 2023 Recap: Leading the Charge in Blockchain Solutions for Telecom Transactions!



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October 3, 2023

Zeebu Monthly Recap: Simplifying Telecom Transactions

In the world of telecom, innovation is key to staying ahead, and this month, Zeebu has demonstrated its dedication to taking charge to revolutionize telecom transactions.  

From pioneering on-chain invoice settlements to igniting insightful discussions at TOKEN2049, Singapore, Wholesale World Congress, Madrid, and live AMAs, Zeebu is making waves in the telecom blockchain landscape. Here’s a summary of all the groundbreaking updates that unfolded in the past month:

Zeebu at TOKEN2049, Singapore

Zeebu’s presence at TOKEN2049 was fascinating. From fun games at our Booth #CT1 to $ZBU token giveaways and insightful discussions with investors, industry leaders, and the community, Zeebu was everywhere.  

The excitement was coupled with the Zeebu Yacht Party, an exclusive networking event where Zeebu steered conversations around blockchain’s potential in improving on-chain B2B invoice settlements in the telecom industry.  

An eventful ending awaited at Token2049 with Zeebu as the official partner for the closing ceremony held on 15 September, 2023. The finale was a blend of celebrations, surprises for the community, and networking opportunities, marking a memorable end to a noteworthy event. Read the blog for a recap of Zeebu at TTOKEN2049 in Singapore.

Gold Sponsorship at Wholesale World Congress

Being a gold sponsor at the Wholesale World Congress in Madrid, Zeebu found itself at the heart of telecom innovation. This platform brought together tech titans from across the globe, facilitating dialogue, exchange of ideas, and laying down the roadmap for a revolutionary telecom industry future.  

Zeebu's presence at #WWC2023, both on Day 1 & Day 2, was all about fostering meaningful connections, engaging with industry leaders, and sharing a common vision for a blockchain-powered telecom carriers sector. Check it out now!

Feature & Media Coverage

$25 Million Presale Funding Secured

A significant milestone where Zeebu secured $25 million in presale funding, further solidified by investment from Bankai Ventures, underpinning industry trust in Zeebu’s transformative platform. Read’s feature article covering the news highlighting Zeebu’s solution.

Spotlight on Zeebu at Yahoo Finance

Highlighting Zeebu’s mission to revolutionize B2B invoice settlements for telecom carriers, Yahoo Finance features Zeebu and its participation at TOKEN2049 as one of the sponsors of the event.  

Zeebu Yacht Party in the Limelight

Bitcoin World sheds light on the Zeebu Yacht Party, talking about the plans to connect and engage in key discussion around the potential of blockchain and Zeebu’s innovative technology for telecom transactions.

Important Releases

Global Transactions Simplified with Zeebu

Cross-border transactions have always posed a challenge in the telecom sector. Zeebu’s blockchain technology, alongside the $ZBU Loyalty Token, is carving the path for seamless cross-border transactions, promising a future where global connectivity is unaffected by geographical boundaries. Read the blog to learn more.

Defi, The Gateway to Financial Inclusivity

Unveiling the potential of DeFi in overcoming the traditional financial system's barriers, Zeebu emphasizes its role in creating a more equitable and inclusive financial future. Read the blog now.

Introducing Zeebu CEO & Founder Raj Brahmbhatt

Delve into the journey of Raj Brahmbhatt from a TradFi expert to founding Zeebu and his vision for revolutionizing the telecom industry. Read the blog. Connect with Raj on LinkedIn and Twitter.  

Zeebu Co-Founder & CMO Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi Discusses Zeebu’s Vision

Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi delivered an insightful keynote at TOKEN2049, discussing how Zeebu is Transforming Telecom Transactions. Watch the video to get more insights.

The Future of Finance and Zeebu's Innovation

Zeebu is emerging as a frontrunner in reshaping the financial landscape by identifying and addressing the traditional banking system's vulnerabilities. By harnessing the power of blockchain, Zeebu aims to build a fairer and more transparent financial ecosystem for all. Read more about the blog.  

Exploring B2B Cross-Border Transactions in Telecom

Zeebu delves into the intricacies of B2B cross-border transactions within the telecom industry, underlining the crucial role they play in global connectivity. The spotlight is on how Zeebu, through blockchain, is simplifying, securing, and speeding up these transactions, addressing the industry's traditional settlement challenges. Read the Twitter thread now.

Meeting the Rising Demand for Cross-Border Transactions

Zeebu is stepping up to the demand for efficient cross-border transactions for the telecom carriers business globally by offering a blockchain-based ecosystem tailored to tackle telecom-specific challenges. Learn how we achieve this and streamline payment processes for telecom through this Twitter thread.  

Demystifying Telecom Carriers and Zeebu’s Impact

A deeper look into the role of telecom carriers, the challenges they face, and how Zeebu is leveraging blockchain to drive efficiency and innovation in the telecom sector. Read more about this Twitter Thread.

Zeebu Tech Bulletin

A comprehensive update covering Zeebu's progressive journey, including its recent listing on prominent exchanges, a remarkable presence at TOKEN2049, Singapore, community growth, and the roadmap ahead. Read the blog now.

Telecom Payment Solutions by Zeebu

Highlighting how Zeebu is transforming the telecom payment landscape with its on-chain invoice settlement platform, ensuring secure, fast, and transparent transactions. Read the blog now.

Smart Contracts, The Key to Operational Efficiency

Zeebu emphasizes the transformative potential of smart contracts in overcoming operational bottlenecks within the telecom settlements space. Read the Twitter thread now.

Understanding Telecom Settlements

A deep dive into telecom settlements, exploring how Zeebu's blockchain solutions are not only solving back-end headaches for telecom companies but also setting the stage for enhanced communication services globally. Read the Twitter Thread now.

AMA & Twitter Spaces

Crypto Talkz Community AMA with Co-Founder & COO Keshav Pandya

IM Community AMA with our CEO & Founder, Raj Brahmbhatt,

September has been an eventful month filled with notable advancements for Zeebu. As we make strides in harnessing blockchain to solve telecom’s inherent challenges, the industry inches closer to a more efficient and transparent future.  

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming month and explore how Zeebu is redefining the telecom transaction landscape!

About Zeebu

Zeebu is a pioneering on-chain B2B invoice settlement platform tailored for Telecom Carriers, streamlining cross-border payments with transaction times as rapid as 3-7 minutes.  

With robust KYC protocols and non-custodial wallet support, Zeebu guarantees secure and transparent payments between Customers & Merchants.  

Staying true to the core principles of decentralization, Zeebu is shaping the future of B2B transactions powered by $ZBU Loyalty Token.