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Part II: Explore Zeebu through Insightful Q&A, Curated for the Community!



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December 26, 2023

Zeebu Community Q&A

In our previous blog, we embarked on an enlightening journey, addressing the common questions from our community about Zeebu. We discussed its role, the impact it has been making, and the exciting plans it has for the future. We touched upon how Zeebu is emerging as a catalyst for change in the telecom industry. Now, we’re ready to dive deeper. In this blog, we will explore the innovative world of Zeebu in greater detail. We’ll uncover the mechanisms that drive its unique platform and solutions, and how these are making waves in the telecom industry.  

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this journey to explore Zeebu and see how it’s revolutionizing global B2B settlements.

Zeebu has positioned itself as a Web3 Neobank for telecoms; what tangible impacts have your clients seen, especially in terms of B2B settlements and cross-border payments?

Since Zeebu's inception, we’ve onboarded a total of 300+ telecom carriers and settled 5440+ invoices worth more than $440+ Million. Our partners have witnessed significant speed and seamlessness in their B2B settlements and cross-border payment processes with Zeebu. Zeebu excels by assisting telecom carriers in overcoming challenges related to delayed payments and the complexities of currency conversion in cross-border transactions.  

By leveraging the $ZBU token, we’ve simplified the currency conversion process, while our blockchain-based platform ensures real-time, transparent settlements. Telecom operators with a broad international footprint can take advantage of our platform for global settlements, thereby enhancing their operational efficiency and transparency.

These instances serve as a testament to the tangible benefits that Zeebu brings to the telecom industry, demonstrating our platform’s potential to transform traditional financial processes.

With invoices now set to expire automatically after 2 hours, as mentioned in the latest tech update, how will this impact the invoice settlement process, and what measures are in place to notify users of impending invoice expirations to avoid any disruptions in transactions?

The introduction of a 2-hour expiration timeline for invoices is a strategic move to enhance the efficiency and urgency of settlement processes in the telecom industry. This policy encourages prompt action, reducing the latency often associated with traditional settlement methods. This approach not only streamlines the settlement process but also instills a sense of uniformity and timeliness in financial transactions within the telecom sector. You can learn more about it in our Product Update Release Notes 3.0.5.

How does Zeebu's blockchain-based platform specifically address the traditional trust issues in telecom settlements, and what makes it more reliable compared to the existing intermediary-dependent systems?

Zeebu's blockchain-based platform fundamentally transforms the trust paradigm in telecom settlements. Traditionally, these settlements have relied heavily on intermediaries, leading to delays and potential mistrust due to lack of transparency. Our platform mitigates these issues by leveraging the inherent properties of blockchain technology – decentralization, immutability, and transparency.

Every transaction on our platform is recorded on a blockchain, ensuring that all parties have a consistent and unalterable record of transactions. This eliminates the possibility of disputes arising from transaction inaccuracies. Additionally, the decentralized nature of our platform means that no single entity has control over the ledger, fostering a trustless environment where trust is built into the system itself. This approach not only enhances the reliability of settlements but also significantly reduces the time and cost associated with traditional intermediary-dependent systems.

How is Zeebu planning to shift telecom carriers & operators from traditional payment processes to Zeebu’s unified payment infrastructure?

We are adopting a multi-faceted approach for that. Firstly, we focus on spreading awareness among telecom carriers and operators about the benefits and efficiencies of our blockchain-based platform. This involves demonstrating the solutions we bring, like the enhanced speed and increased security our platform offers compared to traditional payment processes.

We also provide comprehensive support during the transition phase, including technical assistance and training sessions to ensure a smooth adaptation to our system. To further encourage adoption, we showcase success stories and case studies from existing clients who have benefited from our platform. Additionally, we are continuously refining our platform to make it more intuitive and user-friendly, thereby lowering the barrier to entry for users unfamiliar with blockchain technology.

Our approach is to work closely with telecom carriers and operators to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions accordingly. By addressing their pain points and providing a superior alternative to traditional systems, we aim to gradually shift the industry towards a more efficient, transparent, and interconnected future.

About Zeebu

Zeebu is a Web3 Neobank for Telecoms with a mission to transform the global telecom carrier industry through a loyalty token designed for telecom carrier businesses. The Zeebu ecosystem makes invoice settlements faster and easier, benefiting carriers and the entire telecom industry.