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Zeebu Monthly Recap | February'24



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March 6, 2024

Zeebu Monthly Update: February 2024 Highlights

Hello Zeebu fam! 🌌✌️

Can you believe another month has flown by? Here we are again, ready to spill the tea 🍵 on all the Zeebu buzz from February. It has been a whirlwind - with our community and platform hitting some rad milestones. So, grab your favorite cozy drink, and let us get into the nitty-gritty of what made this month unforgettable.

The shortest yet busiest month at Zeebu, February, kept us all busy prepping for the events. Tiring, exciting, and a month full of networking and connections.

A huge shoutout to everyone who's been riding this wave with us. If you are all about keeping up with our adventures (and trust me, you don't wanna miss out), make sure to follow us on twitter and join our telegram community.  

First up, a Quick Roundup

  • Zeebu hits milestone in invoice settlement volume
  • Launch of ZBU Phoenix Protocol  
  • Completes Token Burn Event: 236 million ZBU Tokens into the flames
  • Zeebu shines at major industry events: Capacity Middle East, MWC (Mobile World Congress), and ETHDenver

Ecosystem Highlights

  • We reached a new peak with over $700 million in invoice settlements! From $500M to now soaring past $700M, our growth has been phenomenal. Read the announcement here.
  • This month, we introduced the ZBU Phoenix Protocol, a revolutionary quaterly auto-burn method that systematically reduces the ZBU supply, mirroring the rebirth and renewal process of a Phoenix. Learn more about the Phoenix Protocol here.
  • Successful token burn event removed 236,863,773.8 ZBU tokens, resulting in a significant 4.7% reduction in total supply. This milestone underscores our dedication to growth and sustainability. Read more about this event and what it means for our future here and delve into our token burn schedule here.

📘 Knowledge Sharing and Awareness

This month, we also focused on enriching our community's knowledge with release of insightful content around Zeebu, telecom and DeFi. Our mission is to demystify these concepts and illustrate Zeebu's critical role in this transformative journey.

  • Discover how we're merging the best of TradFi and DeFi here.
  • Learn about the transformative power of tokenization here.
  • Explore the evolution of finance in the telecom industry here.
  • Understand telecom and the internet economy and how Zeebu is enabling faster settlement for telecoms.  Read here.

🌎 Zeebu on the Move

February swept by in a blur of events, excitement, and major milestones for the Zeebu crew. Reflecting on the month, it's incredible to think about how much ground we've covered in just a few short weeks. Let’s walk through the whirlwind of our February adventures, event by event.

Zeebu X Capacity Middle East 2024

Kicking off with Capacity Middle East in Dubai, we stepped into the spotlight as Platinum Sponsors, ready to connect with the telecom industry's best and brightest.

A highlight of our participation was Zeebu CEO Raj Brahmbhatt's panel discussion on "Commercializing the next mobile money platform."  

Adding to the event's excitement, Zeebu hosted an exclusive dinner party at the renowned Taj Dubai on February 7th, bringing together leading industry players for an evening of drinks, dinner, and networking. The response from the telecom community was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the event's success during Capacity Middle East’24.

Furthermore, the introduction of the Zeebu Telecom Ambassador Program was a significant milestone. With 22 new ambassadors joining our ranks and building over 200k social touchpoints, the program's launch was nothing short of a triumph.

Zeebu X MWC Barcelona 2024

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024 in Barcelona, Zeebu demonstrated its on-chain settlement solution. MWC, the largest and most influential connectivity event, set the stage for Zeebu to connect with industry leaders. Among these, the hand-painted caps initiative by Zeebu garnered attention at the event allowing attendees to participate in the activity while learning about Zeebu.

ETHDenver X Zeebu

ETHDenver saw Zeebu joining as a Cypher sponsor, where we highlighted our vision for the DeFi ecosystem, future of payments and the telecom carrier industry. In line with the idea of ETHDenver, Zeebu was all about BUIDLing, community and education at the event. Our unique initiatives, including booth donation and extending support for SheFi, emphasized our commitment to give back to the community and our pledge to inclusivity and diversity within the ecosystem.  

Raj Brahmbhatt, Zeebu’s Founder and CEO, delivered a keynote during opening ceremony of ETHDenver Main Event, while COO, Keshav Pandya discussed the future of DeFi and its real-world applications. Zeebu also hosted the ZBU Governance Innovation Hackathon, with prizes totaling $48,000 USDC and special grants worth up to $2 million in ZBU tokens, highlighting our dedication to empowering developers and start-ups. Additionally, our sponsorship of over 100 developers reflects our vision of supporting DeFi innovations.

🔜 What's Next?

With the Americas Wholesale Congress (AWC) around the corner, we're brimming with excitement for what's coming next. We're all set to introduce more insights and breakthroughs to the telecom world. Keep an eye out for our ETHDenver wrap-up and the unveiling of our hackathon winners.

As we aim for new heights in invoice settlements, we're grateful for the continuous support from our community. The future holds more milestones, so stay tuned~

💙 Thanks for catching up with us! For more updates and to dive deeper into our world, follow us on Twitter, join our telegram community, and explore our Documentation here.

Catch you in the community or on the flip side!