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Introducing ZBU Phoenix Protocol: Revolutionizing Quarterly Auto-Burn with Innovative Mechanisms



DAte :

February 13, 2024

ZBU Phoenix Protocol: Innovative Auto-Burn Mechanism

At Zeebu, we are committed to revolutionizing finance and fostering sustainable growth.  

Since Zeebu’s inception, we have steadfastly prioritized integrity and the long-term value of our platform. Recognizing the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market, we have diligently designed mechanisms to leverage this fluctuation to our advantage. Simultaneously, we ensure the stability and reliability of ZBU for telecom settlements. Against this backdrop, we’re excited to introduce the ZBU Phoenix Protocol, a thoughtfully conceived initiative aimed at enhancing the market position of our digital asset.

ZBU lies at the core of a dynamic and thriving payment ecosystem. Consequently, in alignment with the community’s interests, Zeebu is pleased to announce the implementation of a ZBU Auto-Burn procedure. This newly introduced mechanism aims to further build an ecosystem with a foundation of trust, backed by transparency and predictability.  

What is ZBU and its role in the Zeebu ecosystem?

The Zeebu (ZBU) token, native to the Zeebu ecosystem, powers the platform and its entire ecosystem, facilitating participation and the functioning of the on-chain settlement platform.

Constructed on the Ethereum network and pegged to the Binance Smart Chain, the ZBU token streamlines global transactions on the platform. It eliminates the need for multiple currencies, conventional banking channels, and intermediaries. Moreover, the Zeebu (ZBU) token automates the entire settlement process, enhancing efficiency and reducing friction.

Uniquely designed, the ZBU token introduces an on-chain loyalty mechanism. This mechanism incentivizes and rewards telecom carriers and their partners for participating in the Zeebu ecosystem.

How will ZBU Auto-Burn work?

The ZBU token, the cornerstone of the Zeebu ecosystem, is designed with a unique auto-burn mechanism known as the ZBU Phoenix Protocol. This innovative protocol ensures a systematic reduction of the total ZBU supply every quarter, akin to Phoenix's cycle of rebirth and renewal.

The ZBU Phoenix Protocol stands out due to its adaptability. It adjusts the burn quantity dynamically based on the current market price of ZBU and the consumption patterns observed during the quarter, ensuring the burn process is a strategic move to bolster the ZBU ecosystem's health.

The ZBU Phoenix Burning Mechanism is simple but powerful. The quantity of ZBU to be burned is directly proportional to the amount converted to stable token on our platform. We are dedicated to maintaining market stability by regularly reviewing and adjusting the burn rate, with any changes promptly communicated through official channels.

Our formula for the Quarterly Token Burn encapsulates the Total Quarterly Consumption, which is the total settlement volume on our platform over a three-month period, and the Closing Day Token Price, which is the average market price of ZBU on the day of burning.

The periodic burning of ZBU reflects our commitment to market stability. We considered a range of factors when curating the burn rate, including market adoption rates, shifts in telecom markets, regulatory changes, market fluctuations, technological advancements, political stability in regions where ZBU is heavily used, and variations in transaction fees within the telecom industry. These key components enable the protocol to become a foundation fostering balance, stability, and growth.  

To promote sustainability, differential tokens from our accumulated burning pool are allocated to the ZBU CLUB for community growth and development, supporting our ecosystem and ensuring its long-term viability and innovation.

Each burn event is publicly accessible on the blockchain, ensuring transparency. You can check the ZBU Burn History at the provided addresses.  

Please note that the addresses are subject to change, and any updates will be communicated through official channels.

The dawn of a new era

From its inception, ZBU was crafted with a vision for the future, focusing on maintaining value. At Zeebu, we’re proud of the ZBU Auto-Burn, a deflationary feature embedded in ZBU’s design from the start. This characteristic is a testament to ZBU’s ongoing evolution, bolstering its capacity to cultivate and fortify the blockchain ecosystem.

Our community and all participants in the ecosystem are at the heart of this journey. Their unwavering support and contributions are what drive us forward. We’re committed to fostering their interests and ensuring transparency in all our operations.

Let’s continue to innovate, evolve, and grow together, disrupting the status quo and transforming the future of finance.