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Zeebu is Heading to Consensus 2024 as a Prestigious 5-Block Sponsor



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May 14, 2024

Zeebu will be heading to CoinDesk Consensus 2024

We are excited to announce that Zeebu will be taking a central role at Consensus 2024 as a 5-Block Sponsor. This elite sponsorship level brings us unparalleled opportunities to showcase our innovations, connect with industry leaders, and contribute significantly to the discourse on blockchain and decentralized finance.

Consensus 2024, the premier global conference for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities hosted by CoinDesk, will take place from May 29-31, 2024, in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. Join us as we gather with over 15,000 attendees from more than 100 countries to explore and shape the future of decentralized digital economies.

Big, Bold, and Boundary-Pushing: Zeebu's Presence at Consensus 2024

Zeebu’s showcase at Consensus 2024 promises to be big, bold, and inclusive. As a premier Sponsor, The Mainstage will be presented by Zeebu and our nearly 600 square-foot networking lounge will command one of the most dynamic and interactive spaces within the exhibit hall. Our commitment to advancing the real-world applications of decentralized finance (DeFi) will be vividly on display.

A Hub for Networking and Collaboration

Adjacent to the stage area, we will facilitate a networking zone where attendees can discuss the ideas presented and engage directly with key leaders from Zeebu. This interactive environment will serve as a prime location to connect with our experts, gain deeper insights into our cutting-edge payments' platform connecting businesses with decentralized finance, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the space.

Zeebu Takes Center Stage at Consensus 2024

At Consensus 2024, Zeebu's participation is set to be not just seen but heard, as we proudly present the "Zeebu Stage," an exclusive platform dedicated to pioneering discussions on the integration of blockchain and decentralized finance with real-world applications. This stage will be the centerpiece for a series of dynamic talks, panels, and fireside chats, all aimed at pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology can achieve in conventional financial systems.

Dynamic Discussions and Innovative Insights

The Zeebu Stage will host a variety of sessions featuring thought leaders, innovators, and practitioners from across the globe. Topics will cover a broad spectrum, including the impact of tokenization on traditional markets, the evolution of DeFi beyond investments, and regulatory compliance and risk management in blockchain implementations.

Highlight Session: Fireside Chat with Industry Titans

A highlight of our stage agenda will be a fireside chat featuring Zeebu's CEO, Raj Brahmbhatt, alongside other key figures in the financial and blockchain sectors. This discussion will delve deep into the practical applications of DeFi in mainstream financial services, exploring how blockchain can enhance global economic systems for better efficiency and inclusivity.

Exclusive Coverage by CoinDesk Studios

Zeebu is set to be a highlight of CoinDesk Studios throughout the event. In collaboration with CoinDesk Studios, Zeebu will feature in a pre-event video, showcasing our vision and initiatives. Additionally, a post-event recap to highlight our key moments, an in-depth interview with our CEO Raj at the CoinDesk Studios Media Hub, a fireside chat captured for broad distribution, and a feature interview on CoinDesk TV, all aimed at reaching a wide audience and cementing Zeebu's leadership in integrating blockchain with financial services.

Connect, Collaborate, Celebrate: Exclusive Events by Zeebu During Consensus 2024

Zeebu will be hosting an array of exclusive side parties and events at Consensus 2024, designed to enrich the experience for all attendees. The exclusive side events hosted by Zeebu in collaboration with industry titans, is set to draw over 300 industry movers and shakers, from C-suite executives to leading investors and influential personalities.  

Our meticulously curated evening promises to be the ultimate hotspot for sparking pivotal conversations and making elite connections. Get ready to mix and mingle with top-tier pros in a setting that’s all about high-energy and high-style. And it’s not just about the talk—we’re serving up a feast of gourmet bites and classy sips to fuel the fun. Plus, with live entertainment that’s as fresh as our blockchain innovations, the Zeebu Side Party is set to be the talk of Consensus 2024. Don’t miss out!

An unforgettable series of events in the vibrant atmosphere of Austin, Texas on the cards—details coming soon!

Join Us at Consensus 2024

We invite our community, partners, and all blockchain enthusiasts to join us at this pivotal event. Experience firsthand how Zeebu is pioneering change and shaping the future of finance through blockchain technology.

For more details on our activities at Consensus 2024 and to connect with us during the event, stay tuned to our updates. We look forward to welcoming you to Austin and together, driving the evolution of decentralized digital economies.

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See you in Austin!