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Consensus 2024

The decade-old festival of decentralization, Consensus, is back with renewed energy, spirit, and innovation—and of course, new partners.

This year at Consensus 2024, we're excited to demonstrate how Zeebu is revolutionizing the payments landscape through blockchain technology. Our commitment to decentralization isn't just about technology; it's a promise to reshape how we think about and engage with financial systems globally. Our participation is an opportunity to showcase our innovative solutions, share our vision for the future of decentralization, and, more importantly, engage, inspire, and drive the industry forward.

Consensus by CoinDesk: Known as the world’s largest, longest running, and most influential gathering, Consensus brings together over 15,000 attendees and 6,800 companies, including 850+ investors from around the globe in Austin, Texas. The event is a melting pot of entrepreneurs, executives, Web3 creators, asset managers, individual investors, NFT collectors, brand and marketing professionals, government officials, and blockchain developers.

What’s New at Consensus 2024: Say Hello “ZEEBU X Consensus” Edition

Zeebu’s Premier Presence

  • Zeebu Networking Lounge: Forget booths—join us at the Zeebu Networking Lounge. A dedicated space for meaningful connections, showcasing our thriving ecosystem and the high caliber of our technology.
  • Mainstage Sponsorship: As sponsors of the Mainstage, Zeebu will be at the heart of the event, facilitating discussions that define the future of Web3.
  • Fireside Chat: Don't miss Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder & CEO of Zeebu, for a fireside chat on the main stage. Gain insights into the future of DeFi and Zeebu's innovative solutions.

Engage and Expand

  • Exclusive Activities: Look forward to insightful discussions and engaging activities in our lounge, designed to amplify our presence and enhance participant interaction.
  • Unwind & Connect: A calendar of side parties and exclusive events throughout Consensus, offering a relaxed evening atmosphere to connect with fellow attendees and unwind after a busy day of sessions.
  • Leadership Insights: Our top executives are gearing up to share their visionary strategies and thoughts, contributing to the growth of Web3.

Don’t Miss Out – Experience the Future of payments powered by decentralization with Zeebu at Consensus 2024

Consensus 2024 is your ticket to the heart of the crypto and Web3 conversation. Drop by the Zeebu Networking Lounge and let’s chat about how we are making a difference.

Can't wait to see you there!

Mark Your Calendars

Event: Consensus 2024
Date: May 29th to June 1st, 2024
Location: Austin, Texas.

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