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Zeebu Takes Center Stage: A Recap of the Australian Crypto Convention 2023



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November 24, 2023

Zeebu Australian Recap

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the Zeebu team! Zeebu has been marking its solid presence at some of the biggest blockchain and crypto events around the world. After attending the World Blockchain Summit 2023 in Dubai, Zeebu recently made a significant impact at the Australian Crypto Convention 2023. This event, held on November 11th and 12th, brought together blockchain enthusiasts, investors, regulators, experts, and visionaries from around the globe.

As a Keynote Theater Sponsor, Zeebu took center stage and showcased its groundbreaking blockchain-based platform aimed at revolutionizing telecom transactions. The convention served as a platform for Zeebu to share its vision of a future where transactions are instant, efficient, and transparent.

Zeebu Keynote Theater

The Zeebu Keynote Theater at the Australian Crypto Convention 2023 hosted an impressive array of speakers and industry leaders, providing a platform for these thought leaders to share their insights and experiences. The theater included talks by industry leaders such as Justin Sun; founder of Tron Foundation, Eowyn Chen; CEO of Trust Wallet, Robbie Coleman; Director of Litecoin, Michael Saylor; Executive Chairman and Co-founder of MicroStrategy; and our very own CEO, Raj Brahmbhatt, who delivered a well-received keynote on the future of Web3 and its real-world applications and role of Zeebu.  

The Keynote Theater was a central part of the convention, drawing a large audience of attendees. Zeebu’s branding was prominently displayed throughout the event, asserting its presence and commitment to the blockchain revolution. This visibility underscored Zeebu’s grand debut in the Australian market.

Raj Brahmbhatt's Visionary Keynote Address

Raj Brahmbhatt's keynote speech was a highlight of the convention, capturing the audience's attention with a visionary outlook on the future of Web3 and its practical applications. He delved into Zeebu's role as a pioneer in the blockchain space, particularly in revolutionizing settlements in the telecom industry. The speech not only showcased Zeebu's innovative solutions but also positioned the company as a thought leader driving the evolution of Web3.

This next phase signifies a shift from crypto-centric applications to applications that drive real-world impact. Brahmbhatt emphasized Zeebu’s instrumental role in this transition, particularly in effecting tangible change in the telecom payment layer. His insights underscored the company’s commitment to driving the mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies.

The Grandeur of the Zeebu Booth

At the heart of the convention was Zeebu’s booth, a meticulously crafted space that offered an immersive experience to visitors. The Zeebu team was present to actively engage with attendees, providing firsthand insights into their innovative solutions. The booth was a hub of activity and discussion throughout the event. The Zeebu team hosted various giveaways and activities, and distributed Zeebu merchandise, which further engaged attendees.

The Zeebu booth served as a platform for engaging with a diverse audience - from novice learners to seasoned veterans, and industry-leading projects. We had the opportunity for discussions and meaningful meetings. We had a lot of conversations over the course of the convention. We connected with top-tier projects in Australia where we discussed potential collaborations aimed at amplifying Zeebu’s market impact and exploring new avenues for growth and innovation.

Zeebu was all in at the Australian Crypto Convention, tackling the event from all aspects- from marketing to product, to regulatory compliance. This comprehensive approach positions Zeebu as a catalyst for innovation and growth within the industry. The meeting and interactions have set the stage for Zeebu to continually innovate and expand their product offerings, support the growth of the web3 ecosystem, and enhance our influence in the industry.

Zeebu X Ferrari

Attendees had the opportunity to pose for photographs with a Ferrari, and Zeebu ensured that the memories were preserved with instant Zeebu Polaroid pictures. The "Pose, Click, Tweet, and Win" campaign not only reinforced Zeebu's brand but also created a buzz on social media, further amplifying its reach. The campaign was designed to encourage attendees to spread the word about Zeebu and win rewards for their participation.

Zeebu Community Meetups

Zeebu extended its influence beyond the convention halls by hosting successful meetups in Melbourne and Brisbane. These events were organized in partnership with local community partners. In Melbourne, Zeebu collaborated with Greythorn Asset Management and Aussie Crypto Roadshow. Similarly, in Brisbane, Zeebu joined forces with Brisbane Web3.  

The Zeebu-hosted meetups were instrumental in fostering a deeper connection with the community. These gatherings provided an avenue for attendees to engage with the Zeebu leadership team. The Zeebu founders and team members were actively involved in these meetups, interacting with local entrepreneurs and providing valuable insights and feedback that helped refine their ideas and enhance their industry knowledge.

The meetups attracted a diverse mix of attendees, including seasoned investors, fellow founders, and those new to the crypto world. The Zeebu team seized this opportunity to engage with these groups, sharing insights about Zeebu’s potential and vision. This hands-on approach allowed the Zeebu team to express their commitment to fostering innovation in the industry, with an emphasis on real-world applications that could revolutionize numerous sectors and facilitate the mainstream adoption of web3 and blockchain technology.

Zeebu’s debut into Australia with the Australian Crypto Convention event marked a significant expansion of its global footprint. This was more than just a presence at the convention, it was a significant step in community building. Zeebu also set up a new telegram community in Australia, creating a platform for blockchain enthusiasts, potential collaborators, and individuals interested in Zeebu’s initiatives to connect and discuss.  

Zooming Out

In conclusion, Zeebu’s commanding presence as the Keynote Theater Sponsor at the Australian Crypto Convention 2023 showcased its leadership in the telecom industry’s blockchain transformation. From Raj Brahmbhatt’s visionary keynote to the engagement campaigns, prominent presence, and community meetups, Zeebu left an indelible mark on the event, solidifying its position as a trailblazer in the world of blockchain technology.

As we look forward to the future, we are excited about the potential of Zeebu’s innovative solutions and the transformative impact they can have on the telecom industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Zeebu’s journey and we can’t wait to see you at the next event! Until then, keep exploring the limitless possibilities of blockchain with Zeebu.