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Zeebu (ZBU) Token Launches on CoinDCX — Gateway to India’s Crypto Revolution



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April 24, 2024

Zeebu (ZBU) Token Now Listed on CoinDCX

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone—Zeebu's native token, $ZBU, is now listed on CoinDCX, India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange. CoinDCX and Zeebu are united in their missions: CoinDCX aims to democratize access to cryptocurrencies, while Zeebu is dedicated to simplifying payments globally. This partnership marks a pivotal step forward in our shared vision to make digital finance accessible and efficient for everyone, everywhere.

Listing Details:

Asset Pairs: ZBU/INR  

Listing Schedule:


Deposit Opening: April 24th, 2023

Withdrawal Opening: April 24th, 2023

This listing represents a critical step in Zeebu's expansion into new markets, demonstrating how Zeebu is revolutionizing B2B payments for the telecom carrier industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Zeebu ensures seamless, secure transactions on a global scale. As a prominent player in the fintech sector, Zeebu has already processed over $1.5 billion in transactions, showcasing the effectiveness and demand for its innovative payment solutions, especially in significant industries like telecommunications.

Why CoinDCX?

Founded in 2018, CoinDCX has rapidly emerged as India's most valued crypto company, setting a benchmark in the industry. It proudly stands as a front-runner, championing the burgeoning sectors of cryptocurrency and Web3 in India. CoinDCX is celebrated for its comprehensive and innovative solutions, designed to simplify the complexities of cryptocurrency for everyone from beginners to seasoned investors.

Key Highlights of CoinDCX:

  • Trusted by over 14 million registered users, CoinDCX has established a vast and loyal community that reflects its reliability and the high level of trust it commands.
  • Home to more than 500 crypto assets, CoinDCX offers an expansive range of cryptocurrencies, catering to a wide spectrum of investment preferences and strategies.
  • With a quarterly transaction volume exceeding approximately $2.1 billion, CoinDCX demonstrates robust market activity and liquidity, underscoring its position as a leading platform in the crypto exchange domain.

The Strategic Importance of Zeebu's Listing on CoinDCX

Enhanced Accessibility for Indian Investors: CoinDCX provides seamless access to cryptocurrencies through INR-denominated pairs. Specifically, the ZBU/INR pair facilitates direct purchases of ZBU tokens using Indian Rupees. This direct access is crucial in eliminating the hurdles of currency exchange, making it simpler for a broader audience including the platform users in India to acquire ZBU, thereby accelerating its adoption in a key emerging market.

Establishing a Foothold in a Growing Market: India represents one of the fastest-growing digital markets globally, and CoinDCX is at the forefront of this expansion. By aligning with CoinDCX, Zeebu positions itself strategically within this growth trajectory, tapping into a vibrant ecosystem of fintech innovation and a tech enthusiast consumer base eager to embrace new financial technologies.

"We are excited for ZBU, and by this expansion, Zeebu’s innovative suite of DeFi solutions, to be just one transaction away from everyday users, thanks to CoinDCX," said Raj Brahmbhatt, the CEO and Founder of Zeebu. "This partnership is not just about listing a token; it's about opening new avenues for growth and innovation in digital finance."

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