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Zeebu Crosses $1.5 Billion in Transaction Settlement Volume



DAte :

April 15, 2024

Zeebu Surpasses $1.5 Billion in settlement volume

Zeebu is thrilled to announce the achievement of a new milestone in transaction volume processing, hitting the $1.5 billion mark.

Since its launch in 2023, Zeebu has introduced a DeFi ecosystem built to offer settlement solutions for thousands of telecom carriers to make their invoice settlement process seamless and instant. Today, we’re proud to share that Zeebu– a blockchain-based telecom inter-carrier payment and settlement platform – has reached over $1.5 billion in total settlement volume.  

Zeebu is experiencing phenomenal growth in 2024, solidifying its position as a leader in blockchain-based B2B payments. The platform surpassed the $500 million settlement mark in Q1'24, followed by conquering the $1 billion milestone in March 2024. Maintaining this momentum, Zeebu has now surpassed a staggering $1.5 billion in total settlements by April 2024 and enroute to cross the $2Bln mark soon.

Zeebu Platform Stats at a Glance

This data is excerpted from the Zeebu platform dashboard and reflects the most current information available.  

  • Total Dollar Volume for Settlement: $1,530,873,335.59
  • Total number of merchants: 404
  • Total ZBU used: 581,941,499.746
  • Total number of invoices settled: 19,723
  • Total reward in ZBU distributed: 29,625,583.357
  • ZBU burning Pool: 578,002,016.796

Track the real-time settlement statistics on our live dashboard here.

This comes on the heels of Zeebu's expanding global footprint, marked by its participation in key industry events like America's Wholesale Congress and Zeebu Connect in Miami. Additionally, Zeebu recently rolled out a series of major product updates focused on streamlining operations, enhancing functionality, and introducing governance tiers within its ecosystem. This new initiative signifies a strategic shift, transforming the role of platform users from passive participants to active contributors. By empowering users, Zeebu aims to bring more benefits to each member of its community.

The phenomenal growth of Zeebu has been fueled by the rapid platform adoption by Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers. This success clearly indicates strong user preference for the platform with instant transactions, loyalty rewards, and superior product experience.

“Zeebu has transformed the way telecom carriers settle invoices and make payments”- said Raj Brahmbhatt, the founder and CEO of Zeebu. “We are part of telecom carriers’ everyday lives and committed to being their trusted source for global settlements. Thanks to our custom-built platform equipped with a loyalty mechanism, telecom businesses can access on-time payments, improved cash flow, real-time reports, and automated invoicing and rewards.”  

Global Businesses Need Global Payments

Telecom is an industry that enables global communication, and telecom carriers are the ones who provide the necessary infrastructure to support this seamless connectivity. Telecom carriers exchange their services globally and are not confined to their borders. Hence, these global carriers need efficient global payments.

Telecom carriers have long relied on traditional payment methods and grappled with challenges such as reliance on intermediaries, remittance delays, and a lack of transparency. The cost of processing a payment through these traditional players is excessive, and on top of that, currency conversion charges for cross-border transactions make their margins razor-thin.

Businesses like telecom carriers increasingly seek access to seamless global payment services, which can streamline invoicing and international payments.  

At Zeebu, we’re committed to transforming carriers’ settlement experience and bringing blockchain technology’s benefits to more users and industries. The platform is built to democratize access to financial services and break down barriers, making it easy for businesses to manage their financial goals. Zeebu provides a unified telecom payment infrastructure that streamlines the entire process from invoicing to reporting, from payment to rewards, all within a single platform.

As a result, Zeebu is trusted and used by some of the leading players in the industry, including Hayo, MGW, and Novatel, among others.  

Zeebu is driven by its mission to make global payments seamless and democratize financial services. We’re proud to celebrate this milestone with our platform users and valued community.

To learn more about Zeebu, visit our website and keep an eye on our blog for the latest updates.