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Yacht Party

Join us for an unforgettable evening aboard the luxurious Zeebu Yacht

Zeebu is excited to host an exclusive yacht party alongside the premiere Web3 event, Token2049 in Singapore. Gathering top Web3 leaders and notable investors, this event promises a blend of innovation and collaboration. It's scheduled for September 14th, 2023, at Marina Bay Sands.

Zeebu’s yacht event is set to be a gathering of industry visionaries, experts, founders, and investors representing diverse sectors within the Web3 ecosystem. The event promises to be an insightful exploration of the future of Web3 and B2B settlements, with in-depth insights into the transformative potential of blockchain-based solutions in the telecommunications sector. Attendees can expect a dynamic and immersive networking experience, with something exclusive and special in store from Zeebu. The culinary experience will be exquisite, with a carefully curated menu of gourmet delights and captivating live performances.

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable evening of networking and collaboration. This exclusive event provides a unique opportunity to connect with industry leaders and innovators, engage in insightful discussions, and explore the dynamic possibilities of the Web3 ecosystem.

See you there!

Event : Zeebu Yacht Party

Location : Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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