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Zeebu (ZBU) Token Now Listed on KoinBX, India's Leading Crypto Exchange



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March 28, 2024

Zeebu (ZBU) Token Now Listed on KoinBX

Greetings, Zeebu Fam  

We're ecstatic to announce that Zeebu's native token, $ZBU, is officially listed on KoinBX! This strategic move marks a significant step in making Zeebu more accessible to the thriving Indian cryptocurrency market.  

Listing Details:  

  • Listing Date: March 28th, 2024, at 5:30 PM IST  
  • Trading Pairs: ZBU/INR & ZBU/USDT  

Zeebu is emerging as the trusted payments and settlement platform within the telecom industry. The innovative platform leverages the power of blockchain technology to streamline and revolutionize traditional telecom transactions, specifically addressing complexities and inefficiencies in inter-carrier invoice settlements.  

Through on-chain invoice settlements and real-time transactions, Zeebu accelerates the process and significantly improves cash flow management for telecom carriers. The secure and tamper-proof nature of blockchain technology ensures utmost security for all transactions, enabling seamless global payments.  

At the heart of Zeebu lies the ZBU token that fuels the entire ecosystem. The ZBU token simplifies invoice settlements for telecom carriers by providing a unified currency for global transactions, eliminating the need to manage multiple currencies.  

Additionally, the platform incentivizes participation and loyalty by rewarding successful transactions with ZBU tokens, fostering network growth and engagement within the ecosystem.  

The listing will allow existing stakeholders and new users to participate in the Zeebu ecosystem and access ZBU tokens directly through KoinBX, one of India's premier cryptocurrency exchanges.  

Why KoinBX?


Established in 2020, KoinBX has rapidly become a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency exchange landscape, boasting a robust presence in over 160 countries. Notably, it has secured a leading position within the Indian market, emerging as the most trusted and fastest-growing crypto exchange with over 1.5 Million active users and a staggering 500,000+ app downloads.  

KoinBX offers a diverse selection of over 140 active trading pairs, providing users with various investment options.  

Supporting the Indian Market  

KoinBX supports exchange across INR pairs. The ZBU/INR pair allows Indian users to effortlessly purchase ZBU tokens using their local currency, eliminating the need for complex foreign exchange conversions. This simplifies participation and fosters wider adoption of ZBU within the Indian market.  

Financial Strength and Growth Trajectory  

KoinBX's impressive volume, exceeding $37 billion to date, reflects the platform's growing popularity. Additionally, their ranking within the top 100 crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko further underscores their credibility and reliability within the industry.  

With listing on KoinBX, Zeebu gains access to a secure, established platform with a significant user base and a strong presence in the Indian market. This strategic partnership positions Zeebu and the ZBU token for substantial growth and broader adoption within the global crypto landscape.  

Join the Zeebu Community!  

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Together, let's revolutionize the telecom industry with the power of Web3!  

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