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Zeebu (ZBU) Token Now Listed on Leading Exchange Bitget



DAte :

March 28, 2024

Zeebu (ZBU) Token Now Listed on Bitget

Dear Zeebu Fam,  

We're thrilled to announce that the ZBU token is now officially LIVE on Bitget, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange. Zeebu (ZBU) token is listed on Bitget's Innovation and Web3 Zone. This strategic development positions Zeebu ($ZBU) within Bitget's specialized segment, which is dedicated to pioneering and high-potential blockchain initiatives.  

This listing will expand the reach and accessibility of ZBU token to a wider and global audience of web3 enthusiasts.

Listing Details:  

Zeebu is a web3-powered payments and settlement platform custom-built for the telecom industry. We've already achieved significant milestones, including processing over $1.25 billion in telecom payments. The listing of ZBU on Bitget further expands accessibility, providing telecom businesses with more options to purchase ZBU tokens seamlessly.  

ZBU, the native loyalty token of the Zeebu platform, plays a vital role within the ecosystem. It facilitates smooth global transactions and incentivizes ecosystem partners with loyalty rewards on successful settlements. The listing on Bitget allows for wider and global adoption of the ZBU token, further strengthening the Zeebu ecosystem.  

Securing exchange listings like Bitget is a strategic priority for Zeebu for several reasons, including:  

Expanding Liquidity:

Zeebu continues to expand its institutional customer base, and securing additional exchange listings is a key part of this strategy. These listings ensure our customers have great access to liquidity for the ZBU token as they continually settle invoices using ZBU. By providing more options for acquiring ZBU, we streamline the payment process and minimize friction for our partners.  

Reaching New Markets and Users:

Listing on exchanges will allow us to expand our target geographies and reach new communities of potential customers. By entering new markets, we foster wider adoption of the ZBU token and the Zeebu platform globally.  

Why Bitget?  

Bitget is a leading cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018 and a Web3 company that offers innovative products and social trading services. Their flagship feature, One-Click Copy Trade, allows users to copy the trades of experienced investors easily.    

With over 20 million users globally, and a strategic partnership with football star Lionel Messi, Bitget fosters a significant and engaged user community. The platform offers a vast library exceeding 500 coins and 500 trading pairs, catering to the diverse investment needs of its users.  

The exchange is ranked among the top 5 futures trading platforms and top 15 spot trading platforms, according to CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. Beyond trading, Bitget offers Launchpad for accessing new crypto projects, staking for earning rewards, and more, providing a comprehensive financial experience.  

Listing Zeebu (ZBU) token on Bitget unlocks several strategic advantages including tapping into the massive user base of the exchange to reach new communities and expand the ZBU global user base.  

With a daily volume of over 10 billion USDT, this increased liquidity ensures smooth ZBU transactions, minimizing friction for users. The advanced features offered by the exchange platform will enable the ZBU community to explore new strategies and functionalities.  

Join the Zeebu Community!  

Stay updated on the latest developments and connect with our vibrant community through the following channels:  

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Together, let's revolutionize the telecom industry with the power of Web3!  

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