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Zeebu Token (ZBU) Listing on BitMart Exchange



DAte :

October 31, 2023

Zeebu Bitmart

We are thrilled to announce that Zeebu’s native token, ZBU will be listed on BitMart Exchange. With this exciting development, the global exchange platform will make it accessible and easy for enthusiasts to trade the ZBU token starting from October 30, 2023.

ZBU Token Will Now Be Available on BitMart

BitMart, a leading and globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange platform, will offer the ZBU/USDT trading pair, with trading starting at 9:00 AM UTC. This allows users to access and trade the ZBU token swiftly and conveniently.

Below are Some Important Dates Around Listing ZBU

Deposit Starts: Oct. 28, 9:00 AM UTC

Trading Starts: Oct. 30, 9:00 AM UTC

Withdrawal Starts: Oct. 31, 9:00 AM UTC

Following the listing, Zeebu’s ZBU token will be accessible to the BitMart community. This step not only expands Zeebu's reach but also serves as a gateway for the BitMart community to delve into and understand more about Zeebu.

The New Disruptor on the Block– Web3 Neobank for Telecoms

Zeebu is the Web3 neobank tailormade for the telecom industry, aiming to revolutionize cross-border payments and settlements by leveraging blockchain technology. It offers a seamless blend of traditional banking features with the benefits of decentralized finance, providing telecom businesses with a more efficient, secure, and seamless solution. Zeebu aims to redefine the settlement experience for the telecom industry by integrating the benefits of Web3 technology.

The ZEEBU (ZBU) Token

$ZBU is a loyalty token designed exclusively for the telecom carrier industry to facilitate seamless exchanging and transferring of value worldwide. Zeebu (ZBU) token is built on Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard and pegged on BSC with BEP-20 standard. The $ZBU token is used to reward telecom partners for successful settlements on the platform. The ZBU token powers the Zeebu platform and serves as a unified currency, streamlining transactions and eliminating the need for intermediaries and multiple currencies. This token plays a crucial role in providing universal access and operability to businesses operating across the globe.

Stay Tuned

The listing of Zeebu (ZBU) on BitMart Exchange marks a significant milestone in our journey. Stay tuned for more developments and updates.