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Zeebu Tech Chronicle: Unveiling the New Governance Model & PSP 4.0.0!



DAte :

January 18, 2024

Zeebu PSP 4.0.0: Unveiling a New Governance Model

Welcome back, Zeebu fam!

After a year of major achievements in 2023, we're excited to announce a significant upgrade to the Zeebu PSP Release 4.0.0., integrating our innovative Zeebu Governance model. This update is designed to enrich the experiences of our community and users, maintain transparency and autonomy, and enable stakeholders to participate actively in the platform’s decision-making.  

In short, this is an inclusive approach to governance, marking a significant step towards a more democratized and efficient financial system in the telecom sector.

Strengthening Security

Since Zeebu’s launch in July 2020, we have made impressive progress, processing over $600 million in transactions, while upholding the platform's security and compliance. With the same spirit and commitment to user security, the Zeebu team is ensuring security remains an unbreachable and foundational aspect of our governance model. Our multi-layered approach focuses on protecting blockchain infrastructure, user transactions, and data integrity. To this end, Zeebu implements comprehensive security strategies, including advanced encryption, rigorous smart contract auditing, constant network surveillance, and robust contingency plans for potential breaches. These strategies underscore Zeebu’s dedication to creating a secure and reliable environment for our users and stakeholders.  

This blog post will explore the latest enhancements in the Zeebu PSP 4.0.0, the governance model, improvements in user experience, product functionalities, and other key updates that showcase our growth in this dynamic industry. Dive in to learn more now!  


Empowering users to choose tiers, benefiting from higher invoice processing limits, and earning loyalty with every transaction. Learn more about each merchant tier and associated benefits here.

MetaMask Integration‍‍

This is an essential step for participating in governance activities; users need to connect their MetaMask wallet and sign the transaction through the governance dashboard.    

Tier Selection  

Users can select their preferred tier easily and contribute the required ZBU tokens to activate it through our user-friendly interface.

NFT Management

NFT Assignment

While selecting specific tiers, users also receive unique NFTs that they can use to showcase their status within the community.  

NFT Visualization

We have added a new tab dedicated to viewing governance validators on board and the tiers they represent, while they also get an understanding of tier-based invoice limits.

Referral Program

Referral ID System

In the referral section, users can create a personalized 10-digit referral code that is shareable via a link or QR code to invite new governance validators.

Referral Statistics

The referral performance dashboard enables users to track the total count of referred customers, including active and inactive counts and more valuable insights.


We have added a calculator for users to utilize and estimate loyalty rewards based on their tier selection and invoice processing activities.

Loyalty Reward System

The loyalty system got the latest revamp to offer a comprehensive reward structure with both flat and boosted rewards.

Claim Process

Claiming rewards is now simplified with a "Claim Now" button and an OTP approval step sent via email, allowing users to check their available balance in loyalty rewards and initiate withdrawals.  

General Updates & Enhancements

Wallet Enhancements

New TRX Address

Reintroducing TRX support to allow users to create fresh wallet addresses for smoother transactions.

User Experience Improvements

Forgot Password Resolution

The “Forgot Password” feature has been enhanced with robust and secure API updates to ensure a seamless user experience.

Email Management

Registration through official email addresses is crucial now for enhanced security and streamlined onboarding.  

Dashboard Enhancements

New “Yesterday” and “Till Date” filters were added for easy and quick data access.

Swap Improvement

Resolved balance check issues of swap trading with clearer error codes and balance check statuses.

Dynamic UI Elements

Improved interface for a more intuitive user experience with new dynamic elements.

News Announcement

Direct access to the latest updates and announcements with our “News Announcement” feature, accessible directly through the platform.  

Technical Improvements and Bug Fixes

OTP Validation

Strengthened OTP validation processes for enhanced security against unauthorized reward claims.  

MPC Custody for Withdrawal

Integrated with Fireblocks for secure and efficient withdrawal functionality.

User Guidance

Having trouble navigating our platform features? Use this Step-by-Step user manual, available with detailed instructions and screenshots.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news!