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Zeebu Shatters Records: $3 Billion in Settlements Volume



DAte :

July 10, 2024

Zeebu Surpasses $3 Billion in Transaction Settlement Volume

Dear Zeebu Family,

Today, we are thrilled to announce that our platform has reached an exciting milestone — $3 billion in total settlement volume. This milestone is not only about numbers – we're celebrating a shared victory.  This achievement reflects the strong support of the community and our growing adoption in the telecom carriers' space. As we acknowledge this milestone, it’s thrilling to announce the details of this success.

The Journey We Walked Together

Remember when Zeebu first started with a mere idea? The vision was to transform the settlement experience for the telecom industry. Zeebu was launched to drive real-world applications and adoption of blockchain and DeFi. With the support of the telecom and web3 community, this vision has become a reality. Let’s take a quick look from where we began and where we are now:

  • Total settlement volume: $3,002,546,034.08
  • Number of platform users: 497
  • Total invoices settled: 56,580

Track real-time statistics on Zeebu Dashboard

These statistics represent a transformative wave in the telecommunication industry where telecom businesses gain access to instant payments, improved cash flow, and funds that can be reinvested into the growth of their businesses. Every settlement on our platform represents a step towards a better financial future, borderless transactions, enabling the telecom industry to innovate and expand.  

ZBU Token: The Backbone of Zeebu Ecosystem

Central to Zeebu's success is the ZBU token, which has proven to be more than just a digital asset. A total of 922,689,963.721 ZBU tokens have been utilized in transactions, highlighting the token's critical role in facilitating seamless, instant settlements.  

Burning Mechanism: Zeebu's commitment to maintaining a healthy token ecosystem is evident in its burning mechanism. The ZBU token functions as a consumptive token serving its utility within the Zeebu Ecosystem. The ZBU burning pool has accumulated 749,849,982.222 ZBU tokens, showcasing the active consumption of ZBU within the ecosystem. This process ensures that the ZBU token remains an effective means of transaction for telecom businesses, supporting the sustainability and efficiency of Zeebu's platform.

Rewards and Community Engagement: Zeebu has implemented a robust loyalty mechanism to create a vibrant, participatory ecosystem. 37,165,821.844 ZBU tokens have been distributed as rewards till date. This generous structure incentivizes active participation and fosters a sense of community ownership and engagement within the Zeebu ecosystem.

From Days to Minutes: Revolutionizing Together

The days of waiting for settlements are over. With Zeebu, those days have been turned into minutes. Addressing the long-standing challenges of telecom inter-carrier settlement process, Zeebu offers near instant, secure and rewarding transactions.  

Zeebu is driven by the inspiring stories from the platform users and community – from small carriers expanding internationally to large carriers streamlining their operations. These stories fuel our commitment to continuous innovation and pushing boundaries of what’s possible with blockchain and DeFi.  

What's Next?

Looking into the future, we want our stakeholders to be even more involved in the process. We're moving towards a future driven by decentralization where each one of you, our community, our users, our partners, have an even stronger voice in shaping the direction of platform.

We're planning:

  1. Enhanced cross-border solutions (because we know how global your businesses are)
  1. Expanded partnerships (to bring more value to Zeebu experience)
  1. Enhanced functionality and features: Continuously improving the platform's capabilities.
  1. Enhanced liquidity: Increasing the ease and efficiency of transactions.
  1. User governance: Empowering the community to have a say in decision-making processes.

Celebrating You

As we celebrate this $3 billion milestone, we're really celebrating you – our users, our believers, our Zeebu family. We're planning community events, user spotlights, and interactive sessions in the coming months. Because this journey is about more than technology – it's about the people using it to transform their businesses and lives.

Thank You

From all of us at Zeebu, thank you. For your trust, your feedback, your patience as we grew, and your enthusiasm as we succeeded. The $3 billion mark is just the beginning. With you by our side, there's no limit to what we can achieve.

Here's to the next billion, and the billion after that – together.

Onwards and upwards,  

Zeebu Team