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Zeebu Monthly Recap | May 2024



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June 4, 2024

Learn about Zeebu’s monthly recap in May 2024

Hello Zeebu fam,

Month in review time!

May was an incredible month for us, and we made some important strides in our mission to improve how settlements work in the telecom industry. We also showed our commitment to innovation by writing informative pieces, participating in leading telecom events and podcasts, and setting new transaction volume records.

On top of that, we're so happy to see the Zeebu community growing! We're now a community of 70K members on Telegram and 100K followers on Twitter.

Your support means the world and keeps us motivated to keep pushing forward. Thanks to your support, we're even more fired up to keep making Zeebu awesome. Here's a glimpse of the awesome things we did in May:

First Things First

1. Zeebu crossed over $2B in settlement volume

2. Zeebu did its second token burn event 3. Zeebu was a sponsor at ITW 2024 and Consensus 2024

Ecosystem Highlights

Settlement Milestone

We're excited to share that we've surpassed the $2.25 billion mark in settlement volume! This achievement is a testament to the hard work of our team, who built our innovative blockchain

platform. We're incredibly grateful for the ongoing loyalty of the Zeebu community, our fantastic users, and our valued partners. Learn more about our real-time numbers here.

Token Burn Event

Zeebu recently completed its second token burn as part of our ongoing commitment to a healthy ecosystem. This automated, quarterly process (introduced in 2024 via the Phoenix Protocol) reduces the total supply of ZBU tokens, promoting long-term sustainability.

These token burns are part of our larger strategy to create a balanced and thriving ecosystem. We are actively expanding our platform by attracting more telecom carriers and businesses and increasing the utility of ZBU tokens.

Here are the numbers of our token burn event:

ZBU burned: 239,735,444.616003

Initial Total supply: 5,000,000,000

Total supply after 1st burn: 4,761,874,012

Total supply after 2nd burn: 4,522,138,567

Percentage of total supply burned: 4.79%

Time of burn: May-02-2024 06:29:18 PM +UTC

From the Zeebu Desk

This month wasn't just about celebrating achievements (and there were some big ones!). We focused on creating educational content to empower you with knowledge about Zeebu, the telecom industry, and DeFi. Our goal? Break down complex concepts and showcase how Zeebu is making a real difference. Here's an informative piece we have created in May:

Explore how decentralization could reshape the future of the internet here.

Zeebu Podcasts

Zeebu x CoinGabbar

Keshav Pandya, Co-founder and COO of Web3 payments platform Zeebu, shed light on how blockchain technology is redefining the future of international payments in a recent interview with CoinGabbar.

We discussed how Zeebu is streamlining transactions and slashing fees for telecom businesses worldwide by leveraging blockchain technology.

Zeebu x The Digital Chamber

Zeebu's CEO, Raj Brahmbhatt, and The Digital Chamber's CEO, Perianne Boring, had a groundbreaking discussion in Token2049 held in Dubai.

They explored Web3's potential to revolutionize telecoms, diving into how blockchain could enhance security, empower users with data control and competitive pricing, and even transform network management for increased efficiency.

The conversation offered a glimpse into the exciting future of Web3 in telecom, with expert predictions about its potential impact. It remains a valuable resource for anyone interested in the future of this evolving field.

Zeebu x Fuel Labs

In a thought-provoking video discussion at Token2049 Dubai, Raj Brahmbhatt, Founder and CEO of Zeebu, and Nik Pletikos, Head of DeFi at Fuel Labs, tackled the intricacies of token economics within blockchain technology. Their insightful conversation wasn't just informative; it served as a valuable resource for those navigating this dynamic field.

The discussion provided a comprehensive exploration of tokenomics, its foundational principles, and its lasting impact on the digital economy. Together, they shed light on the strategic considerations that were crucial for successful token implementation. They didn't just explain the "what" and "why" of tokenomics; they explored the "how," – offering valuable insights into crafting sustainable token ecosystems that could flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology


May was a whirlwind of activity for Zeebu, and we're thrilled to share some incredible milestones! Buckle up for a quick recap of all the exciting developments.

International Telecoms Week 2024

Zeebu proudly announced its gold sponsorship and International Telecoms Week (ITW) participation in National Harbor, Maryland.

Organized by Capacity Media, ITW was an influential annual gathering dedicated to the telecommunications industry. The event attracted over 7,000 professionals, industry leaders, and innovators.

This sponsorship aligned perfectly with our mission to transform the global telecommunications landscape by leveraging innovative Web3 technology to enhance efficiency, security, and transparency in telecom settlements and payments.

As the gold sponsor, Zeebu was prominently featured at Booth #2217. We showcased our latest telecom inter-carrier payment landscape advancements, including a Web3-based settlement platform, real-time transaction processing, and blockchain-enhanced security measures. These advancements aimed to enable seamless, transparent, and efficient telecom transactions on a global scale.

Consensus 2024

Zeebu's also participated in Consensus 2024 as a 5-Block Sponsor. This elite sponsorship provided unparalleled opportunities to showcase our innovations, connect with industry leaders, and contribute significantly to blockchain and decentralized finance discourse.

Consensus 2024, the premier global conference for the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 communities hosted by CoinDesk, took place from May 29-31, 2024, in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas. 15,000+ attendees explored and shaped the future of decentralized digital economies with us.

At Consensus 2024, Zeebu's participation wasn't just seen, it was heard loud and clear. We proudly presented the "Zeebu Stage," an exclusive platform that had been dedicated to pioneering discussions on the integration of blockchain and decentralized finance with real-world applications. This stage served as the centerpiece for a series of dynamic talks, panels, and

fireside chats, all focused on pushing the boundaries of what blockchain technology could achieve in conventional financial systems.

Wrapping Up

Thank you for being a part of Zeebu's incredible journey! To ensure you can take advantage of a beat as we embark on upcoming adventures (trust us, they will be game changers!), follow us on our website and social media channels.