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Zeebu Crosses $350 Million in Settlement Volume



DAte :

December 13, 2023

Zeebu 350m

In the latest milestone for Zeebu, our Web3 Neobank dedicated to revolutionizing the telecom industry, we are thrilled to announce that we have achieved a significant milestone – processing over $350 million in telecom settlements. This remarkable feat comes on the heels of our recent celebration of reaching a settlement volume of $205 million, adding nearly $150 million more in just a short span.

Since our inception in January 2023, Zeebu has been a pioneer in leveraging blockchain technology to transform the telecom payment landscape bringing efficiency and transparency to the process. Our on-chain settlement platform, designed specifically for the telecom industry, has gained widespread acceptance, with over 260+ businesses on board and more than 15,567,159 $ZBU in loyalty rewards distributed for successful settlements.

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Leadership in the B2B Settlement Space

The rapid adoption of Zeebu as a settlement and payment platform for telecom carriers and businesses globally has helped us to grow across multiple use cases. As the first to introduce a blockchain-based platform tailor-made for the telecom industry, we are leading the revolution by bringing the telecom industry onto the blockchain.

One Unified Payment Infrastructure for all Telecom Settlement Needs

From invoice generation to payment processing, from settlement tracking to loyalty rewards, customers and merchants across the globe use Zeebu for a variety of settlement needs. Based on customer feedback and business needs, we have also planned several additions and features for our platform. With Zeebu, telecom businesses can enjoy a frictionless payment experience eliminating the hassle of traditional banking channels and intermediaries, thereby enhancing transparency, traceability and efficiency.

The Impact on the Telecom Industry

The telecom sector, with a market size exceeding $120 billion, has historically grappled with the inefficiencies of traditional invoicing and transaction settlement systems resulting in revenue leakage. Zeebu’s blockchain-based solution confronts these challenges head-on, providing a streamlined and effective settlement platform for telecom carriers, operators, and businesses.

Looking Ahead

As Zeebu continues its journey of growth and evolution, it is evident that our platform is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the telecom industry. With an innovative approach and cutting-edge technology, Zeebu is set to drive further positive change in the industry.