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Twitter Spaces Recap: Zeebu x Crypto Stalkers Community



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October 26, 2023

Zeebu Crypto Stalkers Recap

On Oct 12th, 2023, Zeebu's CEO & Founder, Raj Brahmbhatt, had an insightful Twitter Spaces session with the Crypto Stalkers community. He delved deep into Zeebu's innovative strategies, shedding light on how it is revolutionizing cross-border B2B payments for telecom carriers.

If you weren't able to attend the live session, we've got you covered. Below is a comprehensive transcript to keep you updated with all the invaluable insights shared.

Dive in now:  

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and what is your role at Zeebu?

Raj: I am Raj Brahmbhatt. I'm the Founder and CEO of Zeebu. Super excited to be here on this AMA with the Crypto Stalkers Community and excited to share what we are doing, where we are heading, the journey so far, and what the future holds for us.

Zeebu is the world's first on-chain settlement platform. We are helping telecommunication carriers do their settlements on our chain. We are the first of its kind in the world. What I mean by telecommunication carriers is when a person from country A to country B makes a phone call, there are multiple carriers that make this international call happen. And these entities that make the call happen are called telecom carriers. And these telecom carriers are a 24/7 industry, which means 24/7, they are working to make the calls happen. And also, the settlement and the invoice payment should be 24/7, which is unfortunately not happening today.

Today, the only way the settlements happen is through bank invoicing. And it is very slow compared to doing it on-chain or doing it through a Web3 platform. And that's how Zeebu was born. We are the world's first and only blockchain solution that is helping telecommunication carriers do their invoice settlement on chain. We've been operational for 7 months now. We first got listed on LBank, and then we got listed on MEXC. Right now, we are working on getting listed on other exchanges globally. And in terms of the team, I'm the Founder and CEO Raj, I'm based out of New York. My other Co-Founder is Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi (Raghav), who is a CMO, and he shuttles between Dubai, the US, and the UK. And we have my third Co-Founder, Keshav Pandya, who operates from Dubai and he's our Chief Operating Officer.

Q2. What is Zeebu and how does it work? Can you explain it to us?

Raj: So, I especially have been exposed to telecom as an industry from my growing up years. I have been part of this whole transformation from traditional landline phones to smartphones. I have seen the way telecommunication, the voice, the messaging, and the data have transformed the world. When we were looking at telecom carriers as a space, what we understood was there are problems. The carriers are based out of different parts of the world, and the payment for these carriers needs to become real-time. To make that happen, there was a need for a Web3 solution or a blockchain solution, and that's how Zeebu was born.

As you rightly said, you are hearing a lot about Zeebu everywhere around in the media is because we are a credible project that, in a span of less than 4 months, has been able to bag a transaction volume of $1.1 Billion, which means on our chain, we will be settling more than billion dollars in just first year of business. And with that news, the market responded very well and that's why it has been, I would say, a darling project in the market, and that's why you keep seeing and hearing about us all over the media, all over the place.

Q3. What are the major milestones that Zeebu has achieved so far?

Raj: There are many milestones that we have achieved so far. One of them is that we got listed on LBank and MEXC. That was one big milestone.

Second, from the time we started working, we have onboarded close to 30 customers who are actually doing on-chain settlement as we speak. We have close to 85+ customers in the pipeline who will be using our chain for settlement. So that's like a whopping 100 customers on board within the first 6 months of operations is a big number. That was a great milestone.

The third one is bringing an all-star team on board. If you look at our team members, I am a financial wizard. I have done my Bachelors in Financial Engineering. I have worked on a few very complex financial deals. My other Co-Founder, Keshav Pandya, is a blockchain wizard. He has helped many crypto exchanges and crypto projects go live. He has built multiple platforms.

My third Co-Founder, Dr. Raghav, is a serial entrepreneur, somebody who has built and sold multiple companies. He's a best-selling author. He's also somebody who is known for building some of the great brands. So, as part of the team, we have an all-star team. And other than that, the most important one is we have a commitment of $1.1 Billion of invoices to be settled on our chain. So, that's a big number.

Q4. Can you please tell us about the $ZBU loyalty token? How does the $ZBU token overlap the traditional banking channels and intermediates?

So, what we're doing right now is kind of bringing a revolution for large telecom carriers who will be doing massive transactions, say, you know, $20M, $50M, $100M of transactions every day. So, assuming that you want to do a banking transaction of $100 Million, you would typically go to a bank and then say, “Hey, I want to wire this to a particular business”. You will end up not only paying a lot of money for these wire transfers to happen, but you will also have to incur a lot of delays. Let's say I wire a million dollars from here to Africa tomorrow or to Dubai next week, what happens is you won't get the money immediately. It will take 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours. On Zeebu, what we're doing is we are not just making it immediate; we are also helping folks receive the money instantly and also gain some loyalty, which means every time a carrier comes and processes his invoice on our chain, they will gain 2.5% up to 2.5% of loyalty. That is the beauty. In the bank, you pay money to transfer; on Zeebu, you get money for transferring and that's why we are unique and first of its kind.

Q5. Mainly investors are concerned about the registration and legitimacy of the team. Can you tell our audience where Zeebu is registered and where the team originates from?  

So, our company is officially registered in the British Virgin Islands, BVI. We have our corporate headquarters in Dubai; we operate from the Emirates Tower in Dubai. We have a large part of our Operations team sitting out of Dubai, and we have remote teams working all across the globe that are helping us build this whole platform and take it to the world.

Q6.What should we expect from Zeebu in 2023? Anything you would like to share about the upcoming events?

So at Zeebu, we believe a lot in thought leadership and advocacy. We are there in the first week of November as one of the key sponsors for the World Blockchain Summit that's happening in Dubai on the first and second of November. My other Co-Founder and CMO, Raghav, is the keynote speaker there. On November 11th and 12th, we will be at the Australian Crypto Convention as the keynote theatre sponsors. We again have Raghav speaking there. He's a keynote speaker for this Australia Summit.

And there are more events in the pipeline where we are presenting, speaking, and sponsoring.


Q.1 Is there probably any upcoming partnerships or more exchange listings, or any other significant milestones.

Coming up this month and next month, we have recently signed up with 4 large telecom carriers– one of them is BBT and the other one is Maple Telecom, and we have onboarded these customers. If you go to CoinMarketCap, you will start seeing that our transaction volumes have surpassed $1M of transactions every day on chain. That's one big milestone and partnership that we have recently done. The second one is we are in talks with a lot of Tier-1 exchanges. So, you will start seeing a lot of announcements around interesting listings. So, please stay tuned on all of our channels. We kind of continue to keep doing our community programs, our bounty programs, Ambassadors Program, and bug bounties, exchange programs. We also frequently interact with our loyal community.

Q.2 Can you please tell us about tokenomics, and is there any bounty program?

So, you will get information about all of these on our Telegram channel. So, in terms of our tokenomics and our Whitepaper, it is all available on our website, you can download.

It has all the details about the platform, the project, our technology roadmap, and everything.

Q.3 My question is, can you please let me know your marketing plans and potential partners?

So, like I said, my Co-Founder and CMO, Raghav, has a massive and efficient marketing team. Our marketing teams are based out of the US and Dubai. In the next two months, we are sponsoring 4 large crypto events: one in Australia, two in Dubai, and one in Las Vegas, US. We also have a massive amount of focus from our marketing engine going to our community-building campaigns. One other thing that we are also very cautious and excited about is building partnerships around Web3 and blockchain and how we can make this more reliable, more efficient, and more trustworthy. That's the goal that our marketing team is carrying, and we are super excited about it. So, stay tuned. Please follow us on our Twitter, or you can join our Telegram family, and you will get to see all the exciting updates the marketing team is doing.

Q.4 Do you allow suggestions and feedback from the community, and are we allowed in the decision-making? Do you put the community into consideration?

Absolutely. We have 3 dedicated community managers, and one of the community managers' roles is to make sure that we get constant weekly feedback review. We also have a public Google Sheet for platforms and community feedback for business. We allow people to share how we can make things more effective, and we take those suggestions very seriously.  

Like I said, community and our believers are the most integral part of our overall plan and journey. This is something that is like the core of everything that we do at Zeebu.  

Q.5 First-time on-chain invoice settlement platform for telecom carriers. So how are we empowering its growth?

If you go to our website, we are certified by CertiK, and we have three independent security agencies that have done audits and have deployed all the necessary checks and balances in terms of the security of the platform— security for our users and security for the community in terms of where we are, where we stand, and where we want to go. As the world's first on-chain settlement platform for telecom carriers, our aim is to make sure that we have all the top carriers as our customers in the first 18 months of our business. That's where we are heading. We already have 100 customers, but we want to make sure that all the top 15 in the world are using our platform for on-chain settlements, and the average deal for the top 10 itself amounts to more than $1.2 Billion. So that's the number we are going after.

Q.6 Zeebu is bringing innovative ideas for the users. How can you gain the users’ interest and trust?

So, two things– we are the first-of-a-kind and the only organization that has an end-to-end platform for doing this in terms of user trust. Our numbers speak for itself. As we speak today, we are the only platform that has the highest number of telecom carriers on board.

We are the only platform that has the highest amount of invoice settlement commitment that we have received. We are the only platform that is proud of being community-centric and user-centric, which means, compared to any other chain in the market. We are the ones who take new user requests, new feature requests, addition of a new solution, all of that, extremely seriously. Our fastest response has been under 12 hours and the slowest has been under 72 hours. So that's how quickly we act and we take extreme amounts of pride in doing it.

Closing Remark

Raj: We are extremely excited about what we're building. We're super happy about where we stand, and we are thrilled about the response that we have been getting from the community. We look forward to more and more participation from the community.

Feel free to join all our channels, be it on Twitter, or Telegram.