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Spotlight on Zeebu: A Recap of ETHDenver 2024



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March 8, 2024

Zeebu at ETHDenver 2024: Highlights and Insights

Zeebu, the next-gen Web3.0 Neobank for the telecom carrier industry, made waves with its presence at the ETHDenver held from 23rd February to 3rd March 2024 at National Western Complex, Denver, CO, United States.  

Zeebu was thrilled to be a Cypher sponsor at the largest and longest-running ETH event in the world. It got a chance to showcase how blockchain technology can bring much-needed transformation in the telecom carrier industry.  

The event received some of the most distinguished guests, pioneers, and visionaries, showing our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and supporting the community.

Zeebu Offers State of the Art Experience to the Attendees at ETHDenver 2024

At ETHDenver, Zeebu went beyond the traditional approach of having a booth. They ran a unique initiative of donating their booth space. This not only showcases Zeebu’s commitment to the growth and sustainability of the Web3 and DeFi space but also gives a platform for new innovative projects, emerging talents, and ground-breaking projects to showcase their potential.  

ETHDenver is a hotspot for creativity, learning, and collaboration. It was the place where people who are building the future of blockchain technology (the "Builders") came together to push boundaries, share knowledge, and support each other.

Zeebu set the stage in ETHDenver! From inspiring talks (the Keynote) to coding competitions (the Hackathon), we were thrilled to be part of the event. The Zeebu team brought their best energy and collaborated with some of the most creative entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.  

Empowering Innovation: Zeebu CEO Raj Brahmbhatt's Inspirational Keynote

Zeebu CEO Raj Brahmbhatt was honored to have a chance to share insights into how Zeebu is leading the charge in leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology to revolutionize the telecom sector in ETHDenver 2024. This session was held on February 29th in the National Western Complex, Denver, CO, United States.  

Raj Brahmbhatt shared how Zeebu is streamlining processes, reducing costs, and creating new opportunities for both service providers and consumers. From secure transactions to decentralized communication networks, Zeebu is at the forefront of transforming the telecom landscape.

Zeebu COO Keshav Pandya Talks About the Future of DeFi

On 1st March i.e. the second day of ETHDenver, attendees were enthralled by our COO, Keshav Pandya, as he delved into 'The Future of DeFi: Real World Applications.' His presentation ignited engaging conversations about the transformative impact of decentralized finance on our society. As we continue to pioneer innovation, Zeebu takes charge to bring the DeFi revolution.

Zeebu X $ZBU Governance Innovation Hackathon

Zeebu ran a one-of-a-kind program at the ETHDenver 2024. We invited the brightest minds to innovate with Zeebu and transform ZBU's blockchain governance. Owing to their commitment to being truly decentralized, they invited several blockchain enthusiasts to shape the future of validator onboarding, staking mechanisms, governance dashboards, referral systems, and token analytics within the ZBU ecosystem.  

Participants were tasked with creating a functional MVP product on-chain, emphasizing originality and innovation.  The attendees also received Zeebu swag merchandise and Airdrop rewards.  

Zeebu X SheFi

At a time when we talk about inclusivity, diversity, and participation of women in the workforce, Zeebu is leading from the front. It has become a proud sponsor of SheFi at ETHDenver 2024! Zeebu takes the privilege to support such a groundbreaking initiative that bridges the worlds of education and blockchain technology. It aims to forge a path towards a future where technology serves to empower and educate.

Zeebu’s Developer Sponsorship Programme

Zeebu is proud to announce a rock-solid sponsorship of over 100 developers at ETHDenver2024. This initiative reflects their commitment to fostering innovation, empowering the community, and driving progress in decentralized technology. By supporting these talented individuals, team Zeebu aims to shape the future of the Web3 industry and unlock new possibilities.  

Wrapping Up

The Zeebu team was thrilled by the energy at ETHDenver 2024, where we connected with passionate individuals, sponsors, speakers, and attendees, making the event a tremendous success. While we can't disclose everything just yet, stay tuned for updates as we give you a glimpse of the exciting journey of Zeebu.  

The future of the telecom carrier industry looks promising, and Zeebu is excited to contribute significantly to its transformation.  

To learn more about Zeebu and connect with us, check out our website or hit us up on our socials.

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