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Meet Zeebu Advisor: Hosam Akkad, Steering Zeebu Towards a Future of Disruptive Financial Solutions



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November 2, 2023

Zeebu Advisor Spotlight Hosam Akkad

In the evolving landscape of fintech and sustainable solutions, Hosam Akkad emerges as a beacon of expertise, playing a pivotal role as an Advisor at Zeebu.  

With a distinguished career encompassing fintech innovations, digital financial strategies in emerging markets, and a keen understanding of renewable energy, Hosam enriches Zeebu's vision with his unparalleled insights and foresight.

His professional chronicle boasts impactful stints in the fintech arena, evidenced by his senior managerial roles at pioneering financial tech companies. Additionally, his expertise in digital payment solutions positions him as a valuable member, aligning with Zeebu's objectives to revolutionize the fintech space.

Bridging Renewable Energy with Financial Solutions

Parallel to his fintech pursuits, Hosam’s acumen extends to the realm of renewable energy, an increasingly vital sector in the global shift towards sustainable operations. The confluence of renewable energy and fintech under Hosam's guidance promises innovative intersections, reinforcing Zeebu's commitment to sustainable, technologically-driven solutions.

Further embellishing his illustrious journey, Hosam served as a faculty member in the Electrical Engineering department at Damascus University, a testament to his academic proficiency and passion for knowledge dissemination. His present designation as the Head of Commercials at Trriple in Dubai, UAE, coupled with his esteemed position on their Board of Directors, underscores his strategic and leadership aptitudes.

Zeebu's mission to harness disruptive technology for offering unparalleled solutions, especially in the telecom carrier sector, finds a robust ally in Hosam. His addition to the Zeebu team signifies not just an amalgamation of expertise, but a reaffirmed commitment to leadership and innovation in the tech ecosystem.

With Hosam on board, Zeebu looks forward to a synergy where seasoned experience meets groundbreaking innovation, charting a course replete with opportunities, achievements, and technological advancements.

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About Zeebu

Zeebu is a pioneering on-chain B2B invoice settlement platform tailored for Telecom Carriers, streamlining cross-border payments with transaction times as rapid as 3-7 minutes.  

With robust KYC protocols and non-custodial wallet support, Zeebu guarantees secure and transparent payments between Customers & Merchants.

Staying true to the core principles of decentralization, Zeebu is shaping the future of B2B transactions, powered by $ZBU Loyalty Token.