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Meet the Team: Keshav Pandya, the Co-founder & COO of Zeebu!



DAte :

October 12, 2023

Zeebu Co-Founder

Step into the dynamic realm of Zeebu and get to know another leader behind its success, Keshav Pandya.

As the Co-founder and COO, Keshav is not just another technologist; he's a visionary and an innovator in the technology space. With over a decade under his belt, Keshav's journey in the tech world is nothing short of inspiring.

Being the backbone of multiple growth startups, such as Panamax and Mobifinix, Keshav has an interesting reputation for his leadership in technology consulting. His dedication and vision have always been ahead of the times. As early as 2012, when the majority were still trying to grasp the concept of blockchain, Keshav was already deep into exploring its great potential. By 2014, while others were just starting to enter the blockchain realm, Keshav was pioneering innovative solutions through his startups.

Before Zeebu, Keshav held various roles and responsibilities. From directing as the Chief Operating Officer at Panamax Infotech to leading the charge as the President at Espay Exchange, Keshav holds extensive experience in tech and the blockchain space. With Zeebu, Keshav envisions a transformative journey by combining his extensive knowledge in technology with the revolutionary capabilities of blockchain. As we delve deeper into the Web3 era, having someone of Keshav's expertise on the frontline is a promising assurance for Zeebu's success.

Beyond the high-paced world of startups and technology, Keshav remains a firm advocate for blockchain, educating and sharing his insights to help others harness its potential.