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Meet the Team: Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, Co-founder & CMO at Zeebu



DAte :

October 7, 2023

Co-founder & CMO, Zeebu

Introducing Dr. Raghavendra Hunasgi, better known as Raghav, the dynamic force behind the marketing and branding at Zeebu. Raghav's reputation in the global marketing arena is nothing short of exemplary. At Zeebu, Raghav's prowess extends beyond conventional boundaries, crafting marketing strategies that resonate far and wide. His distinctive data-driven approach to marketing has not only propelled businesses to greater heights but has also redefined marketing paradigms.

Raghav’s accolades stretch beyond marketing. He’s a successful entrepreneur, a published author, a captivating speaker, and a visionary leader leaving a lasting mark on the industry. His expertise, particularly in social media, has garnered attention from premier media entities globally, heralding him as a reputable influencer in his domain. Recognition from a leading media house as a ‘Growth Marketing Zen Master’ underpins his influential stature.

Moreover, Raghav's impact has reached a global level, as illustrated by his collaborations with the United Nations on digitally transformative projects. His insightful contributions haven't gone unnoticed in his homeland, with the Economic Times listing him among the top 100 business thinkers.

Subhead: The Global Marketing Maverick

Raghav is globally acknowledged for empowering Fortune 500 companies to harness insight-driven branding and marketing. His entrepreneurial ventures, bestselling authorship, and esteemed presence on TEDx and global conference stages exemplify his influence in the 21st-century marketing sphere. Being ranked among the world's top 100 CMOs further underscores his marketing finesse. Raghav’s stronghold on brand strategy, entrepreneurship, product innovation, growth marketing, and sales has revived the marketing landscape. His advisory roles to global leaders, Forbes' recognition as a top social media influencer, and United Nations accolade as a digital evangelist contribute to his notable profile. Raghav’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by multiple successful ventures and his instrumental role in skyrocketing organizational growth. Besides imparting knowledge at several universities worldwide, he also holds prestigious positions on the boards of numerous publicly listed and privately held corporations.

Before co-founding Zeebu, Raghav had already made a significant mark in the industry. He pioneered a marketing and branding agency focusing on tangible results. His leadership stints at QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Evolutyz Corp, along with engagements with industry giants like Infosys and Google, summarize the breadth of his experience.

His global affiliations, including with the World Economic Forum, and his leadership in North American ventures for Cigniti Technologies, testify to his expansive practical knowledge. This robust practical foundation is further fortified by an impressive academic lineage from esteemed institutions like IIM Bangalore and Victoria University of Wellington, honing his analytical and strategic prowess.